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Re: Nuada’s current status

Hieroglyph X wrote:Yup, they usually die on spawn or are scheduled to be killed not long after they spawn. Server is a bit boring imo now but economy is great. You can prob buy all your armours including edl in ah pretty cheap.

That’s great to hear considering all the other negativity that’s been spread. Glad to see that the server is still going strong.
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Re: Nuada’s current status

Chaotic wrote:Everything can die basically on spawn besides dino as someone said. The economy however is quite terrible, there is a low market for rares and older items as nuada doesn't really have any.

I think he was referring to consumables and quest drops. But I agree, rare items are hard to come by and the white or black aeon items for sale are even more expensive than og fash on some servers such as Sulis.

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