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Re: Best Pickup Lines -

As requested xD these are the winner's pickup lines
1)Bright light: 'I heard you like vaping, cuz I'd love to smoke from your vape tank'

2) Rorona Zoro: 'You go to the grocery store and as you normally do to get groceries
You suddenly see me standing in a isle holding a lot of limes
You think “why is this cute guy holding so many limes”
I think “Why is this cute girl looking at me?”
I make a move towards you,slip drop all my limes.As they drop i look up in horror and say, “Sorry.I’m bad at pick up limes”

3) Exuberant: 'Are you a Delhi? Because you take my breath away'
Spilt (220, Ranger)
Never make eye contact while eating a banana

Legend has it that players can hear whispers coming from the tunnels of carrowmore saying 'Quantum is a noob.'

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