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Looking for Old School(mind or body) Players to join...

My friend list. Since the worlds are down its probably the best time to bring this up. At the time of this writing I am level 98 Warrior. Its(tank) is all I played in every game and consider my self above average never been Elite. But I always made sure my armor is up to par at least.

I am fairly new, maybe two months but even in that time, I played ALL the other MMORPG games for android and this one is the ONLY one that I like. It reminds of Everquest Online Adventures(that game will always have a special place in my heart). I just want a solid buddy list that from time to time we can hunt bosses, train, and level up in Groups for XP. Granted the last part(Group XP) don't seem to be needed(so far) because of all the repeatables, it is still fun doing it. The dying system seems forgiving in deaths. Back in my day dieing could set you back a week so I don't have time for those who throw a fit because something didn't go the way they wanted to. Or for those Elitist that think the world revolves around them that want everyone to do something for them but when you ask a favor they are never around or log out of game. If it seems like I am talking about you then I apologize for the....no I don't, stay the hell away from me. And no I don't want to join that cult you call a clan either.

So if you still live in the 90's, hit me up , PM or in Game.

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