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Where have all the friendly players gone?

I'm a long time gamer, and was a looking for something fun to get into for tablet as I have small children and using the PC is difficult. When I first tried this game, I loved it. But now after almost 3 months I'm wondering if I wasted my time. The gameplay was my first concern. I LOVE IT. But then I starteded looking for a sense of community. What I found is 99% of players are only worried about their bottom line and the rest already have their tight knit groups. Where is the sense of community? Is there a reason everyone is so rude and selfish? :( I understand the game has been around awhile, but that usually encourages... Idk a more friendly environment. Is it just this server in particular?

Re: Where have all the friendly players gone?

It doesn't sound like anything. That's just weird you'd say it sounded guilty.

Look. Some players are nice. Some aren't. Some play for the competition and some don't. Some are in mega clans, some in small clans, and some never join a clan. Most players will tend to treat you as you treat others. So if no one is being nice to you and it's hurting your feelings then maybe it's something you're doing.
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Re: Where have all the friendly players gone?

The game is currently oriented around the concept of competition for resources. Competition in of itself breeds selfishness and distrust, as well as, pride and a slew of other unhealthy mental states.....rant over........ So if you're looking to find a friendly cooperation gaming environment for a MMORPG, CH isn't it. Not now at least. I'm hoping CH will transition to cooperation based structure that will be friendlier to newbies and endgames alike, young or old, sensitive or foul-mouthed. :)
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Re: Where have all the friendly players gone?

I'm fairly sure Android has older players (more in the mid-range than iOS) and doesn't have an extra 5 years of loot for lower and mid levels mixed in, and that's why things are how they are.

Also agree with competition though, Falgren has a slower spawn rate than it did a few years ago, and that's really hurting from the ground up. It's the difference between 10-20k per drag, and 40-80k per drag.
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Re: Where have all the friendly players gone?

All the good players are leaving Lir because of the drama. I could post hundreds of screen shots of people talking trash just because. Videos of people ksing pulling adds ruining lixes. Seriously the game used to be fun and an escape from the exhausting real life. Too bad many players have the online ego that they have to talk trash to others to make themselves feel better. 99% of them would back down irl so here they have a power complex.

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