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Re: Considering an Android server soon

T-Rhexx wrote:This is the world I see most of in general discussion, I already know the bad egg chief. Is there any good on this server or would joining it be a waste of time?

Hey. Lir is definitely worth joining. Are you planning on lvling up fast to reach endgame or? There are some nice clans here such as:

serenity- led by my friend pelt treehumper, all lvls welcome, not alot of high lvls yet but they gettin there, they group with any clan on bosses I believe, and very fun clan imo.

DragonBorn- led by my friend faith14, not sure if theres a lvl req, mostly see 130-190s, very friendly players there and not sure on their grouping rules.

Nightwalkers- led by my friend Darkenflame, hes a youtuber, not sure if theres a lvl req, hes all for server peace and second chances and is very welcoming.

Tribal- led by Guy, I'm in this clan and made it about a year and half ago, lvl 150 req but we have been letting in lower than that recently due to other clans merging with us, endgame clan, very crazy/funny here players here.

Any other clan not listed I either don't like or don't really have an opinion of yet.

Event chests usually sell here 15-20k
Restos 100-150g each
Res idols 50-100g each
Heroic attack, health, energy, defence, armour, wisdom, and travel sell for 1k each
Heroic hastes sell for 1.5-2.5k each
Super exp sell for 3-4k
Heroic exp sell for 4-6k each
Super combos sell for 7-10k each
Heroic combos sell for 10-12k each

Lots have issues completing meteroic and frozen meteoric if they aren't in big clans that hunt bosses often.

Tribal kills mordy on day of spawn, necro is not so often due to rival clan add pulling, proto base has been downed about 4-5 times even with add pulling and only 12-14 or so members there to kill.

Any other questions lmk. :)

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