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Just got back

So hi everyone! I’m xXKYSXx ingame I have millions of alts it feels like. I just rejoined fingal and I’m really happy for it (I miss seeing ppl and yelling moo). Well for the amount of time I’ve been back I’ve seen that most of you guys still play. I joined back in late 2013 early 2014 first server was fingal and so I know a ton of you guys. You may not remember me well though I caused a lot of clan wars 8-) and loved yelling moo. I joined Wyrmbane then moos after agent K kicked me about 12 times and the best person in the world was katnip and she would Reinvite me. Though fingal and moos feel completely the same (high lvls , ppl hating on em, drama, etc) I’ve notice that Pk or peace keeper has gotten huge anyone else remember when they were just noobs? Well that’s some quick stuff about me :D ! And I would love to talk to you guys ingame!
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