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Re: Fingal economy

HadesOrb wrote:Exp 4k
Combos 12-14k.
Health, energy 2-3 k.
Haste 3-5 k.
Restos 20-25 crate
Idols 100g each.
Other lix 1k.
Mount and pet tokens 40-50 k.
Prices vary and jump often.
Whykickamoocow is only clan that does proteus, gele atm. Peacekeepers next in line. Most clans roll for drops at boss by class, cows use point system. There is a small group (5 ish) that dominate frozen and sell drops at overly high prices, envy and power of two, but we are banding together to stop everyone from buying their stuff. Prices are very unstable as far as fashion, mounts seem to be the same as other servers , 90 And above horse/uni 1.7-3 mill others a bit cheaper. If/when expendables come back they will be equal to cows. Also seems most ppl on server suffer from terrible lag, we're hoping that goes when the snow does, but it's a complaint u here multiple times daily and otm doesn't seem to respond to as far as fixing. We do have a large amount of players compared to a lot of iOS servers. And generally friendly and helpful:) A lot of us play on other servers just to get away from the lag, waiting to see if update resolves the issue before moving to another game. Hope this helps:)

Noticed server lag, does get bad. I mean all servers have moments when you get the 3 second skill hit lags but seems to happen more on fingal. Worst I've ever come across was 20-60 second lag on crom but that was when all servers were having issues.
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