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Re: All about Fingal

N-Amata wrote:I'm really interested in joining a clan in Fingal. How do I contact the Guardians, Chieftains and such?

Easiest way is to whisper someone you see in a clan you'd like to join and let them know you'd like to speak to a general about joining
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Re: All about Fingal

N-Amata wrote:I see. Thanks! Quick Question: are there smaller, lesser known clans aside from the ones listed in here?

Yes. But Im not sure how small they are. There's prob a dozen really small, lower level clans running around maybe
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Re: All about Fingal

yeahh join da herd - a cow wisperer
Ppl come n go in search of fun n rest from rl but some can't break from it even in a game - they want more n more power over others 2 show all how mighty they r.(poor creatures)
big clanz r just big - nothing more (they transform into 1 come 2 kill a boss clan).
If u come 2 go through the game fast - join globalistic clans? if to enjoy - look 4 the beauty of the game.
3 ppl is enough 2 get mostl edl parts.
btw we don't recruit

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