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Rough price guide to wings and capes

Hey, I'm just afer a bit of info on the prices of wings and capes on Fingal.

I'm only looking for those which are 80-100%. Am I right in thinking that they're between 700k - 1.5 to 2 mil? If you could help me out at all and shed a little more light on this that would be great!

Ideally I'm after a pair of Archfiend wings, but haven't really a clue on price :)
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Re: Rough price guide to wings and capes

The 80 and 85 speeds usually go for pretty cheap. It gets quite a bit more pricey at 90+ speed. The exception would be the 85 speed wings that were bought in the vendor (yellow ones) and the other full wings from the chests from that same event. But I think there's only like a half dozen of those on the server and typically no one wants to sell those.
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