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New! Hello!

Hey all... Game looks interesting and I believe I will be calling Fingal my home.

Few questions.

What guilds are most active/friendly? Who to avoid?

Any pros interesting in mentoring a noob that'll probably have a plethora of questions? However, sometimes I am funny, so bonus to you!

I'm considering a warrior, but I am torn between sword and shield or going 2h Axe. Thoughts?

Any tips, advice or even starter items anyone care to share, please feel free!


Re: New! Hello!

Hey I just started too I'm going to be a fire mage and a dps warrior I'd like to join a good clan that could answer my frequent and annoying questions but I dunno who to trust as I know how shady some players can be due to my other experiences in mmorpgs.
Thanks :-)
I joined a clan called Helpers of Light.
My mage(lvl 28)is called Gengar and my warrior(lvl 53)is called Galade.
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Re: New! Hello!

Im a 216 warrior from balor, my best advice to you woupd be go for the 2h hammer, crush damage is alot stronger then the axe because slash is resisted more, its a little bit slower but on a haste is fine because the skill damage is great, i used one all the way from 160-216
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