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Re: Xfer to epona or lugh

-Lugh is dominated by Pegasus clan. They're a fun bunch with little competition. So if you get in good with them you'll have a blast. Most everyone against them struggles greatly tho, so that could present an issue. Most goods are auctioned in a private market rather than the AH, so if you're into AH browsing you won't find much. Most maps are pretty quiet as there's only a handful of ppl here and there.
-Epona is a lot different. No single clan dominates as all work together. There isn't a single group that's in charge of allocating gear to a majority of the server. Everyone can take responsibility for themselves and have an equal opportunity. If you do choose to join a clan in this server they will take care of you just the same, so it's a win-win. And the auction house and just the castle in general is bustling, if you don't like a robust populous than you probably won't enjoy epona.
I hope some of this information helps! ^_^

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