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Looking for a home

Hiya all,
As the title says, i am looking for a home. Best thing i can do is explain a bit about myself and see how i go from there.
Well i am in my fifties and from Australia with a decent stress free sense of humour, I normally play 2 to 3hours a day and a lot more at weekends. Not into any dramas, thats taken care of at work lol.
I currently have a lvl 160 druid that is clanless, so not a noob ....... well not totally. Enjoy helping out and also like to solo a lot, not after hand outs and I like to try out a lot before asking for help. I also realise that to get much further will need teamwork, looking forward to bossing very much. I hope that i can get into a clan that does endgame bossing as i am not into clan hopping, thats not a good thing. So if anyone could do with a mature player who enjoys a laugh and plays well with others, please let me know.

Cheers for taking time to read this

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