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Clan "Leanai na Brighde" is Recruiting

If you play on the Danu server with a low- to mid-level character and are looking for the support of a clan, consider LnB!
"Leanai na Brighde" translates to "Children of Brighid." Brighid was one of the gods of pre-Christian Ireland, a daughter of the Dagda, wife of Bres, father of Ruadán. She was a so-called triple goddess, having three aspects (sometimes described as sisters with the same name) as the patron goddess of healing, poetry, and smithcraft.

The mission of this clan is not to dominate the server or cause wars with other clans. I founded this clan keeping in mind that new players (including myself) often get lost when starting a new game and are looking for loose support from other players, even if just temporarily. Many early characters (and their players) are not comfortable with jumping into PvP, and may be looking for a somewhat pacifist clan to join. LnB therefore is intended primarily for those low-level characters who would like help with quest locating, grinding experience early in the game, or sharing or finding resources in-game. However, if others at higher levels wish to join to help out those newer players, you are also more than welcome.

I currently have only one character, Tadhg Glas, who is the clan chieftain of LnB. If you are interested in joining, he is the druid to be watching for.
Tadhg Glas, Druid (Danu) 60
Chieftain of Leanai na Brighde

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