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Where did all the players go on this forum?

Hi All! Just started playing and looking for some interaction to discuss in game stuff and maybe find a clan. I have managed to party up with people, and have sometimes come across players on the Danu server. But the forums seem dead! Is there some other communication channel the players are using? Or is it just a growing (but not fully mature) server? I want to ask this also just because I am considering starting a new character on another server that is rumoured to be more active (I know if it is too active it's not good for drops, but if it takes 10-15 minutes before I bump into someone then it feels too unpopulated).

To summarise:

Is there another communication channel where Danu players congregate?

Should I move to another server if this server has turned quite inactive (I know endgame players are aplenty, but how about beginning to midgame players?)
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Re: Where did all the players go on this forum?

We use Line and Band, although Band is more specific to our clan and Line is server friendly. We don't spend a lot of time on the world forums since apps are where we all communicate to sell and buy etc ..

Danu is active but you won't see a lot of end game players hanging around castle unless at AH. We do get new players and xfers, but it is admittedly less active for lower levels. End game is where the majority of activity happens ..everything is spawn killed and we have lots of lock battles.
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