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Coming back

Hey members of Danu Switch here and i havent played in around 2 years i believe and gave away all my lux away and event items back to clan before leaving. But im looking into buying some plat and coming back to Danu and Celtic Heroes. I am currently locked out of my main account because i dont remember my password because i changed it shortly before leaving. And am locked out of the registered email because i forgot the password to that too being over 2 years ago lol. If i cant get access to Switch, i will be playing on pitch as my main account now. If anyone can give me advice on new stuff in the game and how to get back on my feet with the plat i buy itd be appreciated :)

Re: Coming back

You should download Line app and get into Danu market and chat groups ...they're more active than the forums and you will probably get more help.

Welcome back btw ...sucks you lost Switch :cry:

As far as new stuff, there's pets and battle mounts now as well as bounty quests, which makes leveling much easier :)
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