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I wanted to reach out to some friends and clan mates in Ascension.

I have a little bit of a dilemma.

1) WORK is difficult at the moment and I generally have limited time to play (Work hours are generally 7am - 8/9pm M-Sat.)
2) I am without an iOS device. This is the big problem.

Someone stole my toddler's Ipad which was also my playing device while my mother was babysitting. In general, we use Android devices and we haven't seen the immediate need to replace the iOS device.I hope this message reaches my friends and clan mates. I am holding some rather valuable items from Cazzone, Quinlanvos, and Razza,; if someone see's this message can you kindly pass this on. I don't want to give the impression of a dead beat or make them feel like their items are in jeopardy.

Rest assured, I plan to get online somehow someway from TODAY until Sunday. I will probably borrow a friend's or acquaintances phone and download the game and mail the items back to you.

If you would like to get ahold of me please do so using an app called LINE. My username is the same: Diegomayra
Heck, friend me on Facebook as well "Diego Hernandez" location Riverbank, CA ... Mortgage Advisor (ATTACHED picture is my profile pic).

Talk soon, feel free to friend me or chat with me. I will try and get on soon to see yall in game.
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That really sucks about your device :evil: I'll forward this to our chat group.
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