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Re: 20th necro on Danu!!!!

E3D wrote:#RecruitE3
I'll RKO necro outta nowhere he won't know what hit him :Lol:

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Re: 20th necro on Danu!!!!

Cyprus wrote:Totally enjoyed doing the very first one with you.

You're welcome to join in on any future necro raids .. ;)

And for those wondering, it dropped our first shadow dagger ..fatal wound. ..and 20 kills may not sound like much, but as a previous poster mentioned, we are clan war server and by the time we managed overcome the grief and down him the first time it wasn't long after that the destiny engine was released ...which set us back to square one with all the lagginess. Even Mordris was standing for weeks at a time and Mordy was a twice a week boss for us prior to that..seems like majority of the issues got fixed (unless you're on iPad 2 :evil: ) and while we still deal with grief, it's nowhere near as bad as it was. We are to finally managing to kill Necro as regular as we can - I'm proud of what we all have accomplished together as a clan and thank all those who have helped us make it possible. :D
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Re: 20th necro on Danu!!!!

Congrats to Ascension for a very high achievement on killing necro 20 times, i'm very happy to have had been there when it all started, and now it's greatness from such good leadership :) :) keep it going!!!! Kick some ars out there poeple, btw its always a pleasure to help out even if its always criticized, but cheers from felllow DRAGONBOLT ;) ;) ;) ;) 8-) 8-)

BTW: Rock + Steady (add it up)= i hate ur ars, only person that has made my ars itch :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :cry: :lol:

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