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It's a pity

For all those that are staying in kudos due to the thought of loyalty ( it's a pity) both your leaders are extremely inactive, so who are you trying to be loyal to? Your clan has become so desperate to gain members they take in the scammers and fuel there fire to scam by changing clan rules to being able to roll on all drops and selling them instead of giving to those that deserve and would use them. If your staying in there in sure you have some sorta reason, but is it worth it? I mean is it worth not really bossing and when you do seem to get a boss, knowing that someone can win the drops over you just to sell them? If that's what you enjoy I guess I'll say good luck. But if you don't like this I would suggest looking for a REAL clan. It does t have to be Ascension, but anything is better then a clan run by inactive leaders that just don't care. Gl on you future decisions. Peace
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Re: It's a pity

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Re: It's a pity

SMeagle keep this in game no one wants to hear u non sense
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