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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

xxFireMercxx wrote:
mattsneak wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:It wasn't his item, it was a clan item earned by a group of 20+ people. He earned the right to use it, per clan rules. ..to sell outside clan is an insult to others who could have used it and those who also helped earn it.

People know our clan rules, it's not a secret. If you want to run a clan of buyers and sellers, that's fine...but I expect our members to not play greedy and pass end game gear they don't want or need anymore down to their fellow clansman or back to bank for future members.

and he technically shouldnt have been able to roll on it in the first place that was already against rules

Ok I'll be a smartass to ya Matt (do apologize) but at the time of winning the helm I was well under the rules so I had a right to win it. You can ask any Of the Gens if you think otherwise. Next time please do look into your info before throwing me under. Thanks

How about you go over to the bar and get yourself a bottle of shut the *** up merc. Thanks Bye

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