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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Lawsdog222 wrote:
Armo wrote:
Lawsdog222 wrote:you go to work with a lot of work colleagues in the same building within the same company.

you get rewarded with a pay cheque cause YOU EARNED IT !

so do all work colleagues have a right and a say on what YOU can do with that pay cheque? NO.

That's like saying if you get a company phone or company car, you are free to sell it or keep it for yourself.

Not even from Danu, but your mentality is a terrible way to play the game.

when u get great job bud later in life...you will open your eyes more hopefully (no disrespect)

long story short....

you get options.avenues.on all perks.(to actually own it and do whatever suits you personally)

it's called enterprise.

now upto u if like the welfare option:/ for life.

I do actually have a great job and an education, but hey I guess you know more about me then I do.

Nothing you said made any sense to the topic either. Clans making sure that drops stay within clan is called sustainability, maybe you need to open your eyes.

Won't be responding to anything you say, y'all can do whatever you want in Danu.

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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

For all those not from danu that have read this and wanted to know a quick lowdown about our world. Let's start with ascension: we are the top clan in danu- our clan hasn't chief it is run by the guards and generals. We vote on everything - if we choose to take on new clannies our clan had a say in all recruits. We frown on helping kudos/ nitro on any boss that means anything to a top clan ( meaning shale, stone, and ow bosses are a free for all) we expect clan earned gear to stay in clan. We do rolls on most of our gear and hope that clannies aren't greedy.
Ok then there's kudos/ nitro this clan has a chief that rarely plays he says one thing then expects another. Apparently it's a free for all system where anyone can roll for any drop and sell it and roll on the next drop they aren't gonna use( not really sure because I'm not in those clans) this clan can not do any true endgame boss, due to there leadership( I will explain )
Ok so most of there clannies didn't like the fact that there was grieving on danu, which caused them to be unable to do hrung and Mordis. So against my wishes ( but like I said all is voted on) we struck up an agreement to stop all grieving. This lasted about 10 seconds since kudos has a few that never stopped ( not for 1 day) in fact there leadership promoted these select few for grieving ( this is why I said there leadership ruined it for them) but when confronted about there clannies grieving there leadership just laughed. There only Mordis was during this cease fire. But since we called off the cease fire they just stand and pull adds while we kill Mordis, necro, 215 full, 210 full, event full. Now these ( exspect 210) there clan can't do. This is the low down of danu. It's a great world if you wants play fair and earn your way into a real endgame clan. Otherwise you will get bored of watching other clans get bosses.
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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

xxFireMercxx wrote: Donko if your referring to me we have never met :o :P

Not to worry, I'm a prime (ascension) through and through.
It was Mr Lawsdog that my comments were aimed at.
By the way, how is baby scammy Lawsdog doing?
Smeagle wrote:Merc donko was talking about laws. He's not the type to talk about those he doesn't know.

Smeagle, maybe one day I will grace danu again, but until the game changes to how I would like it to be, then just the odd stop and go will be on the cards.
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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Welll one would think tower would bring a lot of people back 0.0
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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Yep, cyp always pokes his nose in on the forums :) . I think what laws is trying to say is the buying and selling of drops can actually be fun, let's rewind back to the prime, unbreakable days. Unbreakable was a clan that adopted buying/selling and for the most part it was a great system, it was actually abig part of the fun aspect of the game, trading,selling,bidding, bartering was a big part of the game for us back then. Outsiders of the clan frowned at us for doing it ,but we enjoyed it, and a game is supposed to be about enjoyment. But then feeder clan reared there heads which pretty much destroyed this system. Im happy with both ways of playing the game, they both got there strengths and weaknesses and can both be abused by greed...but a little part of me can't help but think a part of the game died when the buying/selling went down the plughole.

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Ooooo fun times back then,,,,they need to put deadroot back up near falgren. Epic fun between prime n unbreak trying to do falg then deadroot would spawn and all hell would kick off. Im spamming and going totally off subject now,,,,,,i,ll shut up,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,was fun though :)

Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Cyprus now a days kudos has no choice but to buy if they want most of the endgame boss drops. Prime/ ascension has always had the rule of no selling of clan drops, this is a huge reason people join us and why our clan stays strong. If laws wants to allow his clan earned drops to end up in another clan and have his clannies get pissed because the drops the earned as a clan end up profiting an individual, that's his business. He is very inactive at this time and only pipes in to stir the pot. It's not working, in fact I believe 90% of the players on danu see why we have this rule, they can also show to any boss and compare our earned gear to any other clans gear and see why we dominate at bosses. Let's put it this way, on let's say kudos gets stronger and ends up killing mordis , ok a void helm drops. Let's say dark sorrow wins the helm. And the very next day let's say he sells it to Quinn. Are you telling me kudos clannies will be just fine with that? I'm guessing ink would applaud his actions according to him. Anyways before people join our clan they are told the rules and our rules are posted for all clannies to go over. The always have the option not to join and "buy" there drops from someone instead of earning them and enjoying the kill.
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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Clans need diversity like this. I like the fact that there is no agreement for this instance only, because it is 2 entirely different systems at work. Different values and ideas that each clan has, so it is different ways of approaching a problem.
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