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To all those on danu that are sick of being in an inactive clan: if it bothers you to log and never see any clannies on or it bothers you to see bosses up that you can't kill with your current clan, or are you sick of when you finally camp a boss and finally get to kill it, you have no chance at any drop. Then get in contact with a guard or general of ascension. If you have a decent reputation and have been a total douche bag, then you should try a more active clan with very fair drop system.

This isn't a post to *** and complain about. It's a simple statement to let others know that there are other options, despite what they have been told. And to any that have asked and told " not at this time" don't resort to your old tactics, that's what got you where you are atm. Good luck to all in the game.
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Pround general of ASCENSION slayers of BloodThorn and only real endgame clan in danu.

Re: Inactive

undertaker199 wrote:Is this server that inactive???

No, just our "competition" hasn't been competitive lately ...
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