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Danus tournament

Hey guys we all have been stress to the max with these edl bosses ect the fighting and bs so I decide to set a pvp tournament

I'll be hosting these for the next few weeks depending on how well it goes I might do it as my own event for a bit of fun for danu
Everyone on danu is welcome well kinda

Level 180+
No tank warriors
you only allowed 4skills
BeAtTz (me) I have to be their for this win to count and to make sure there is no cheating ect
How to sign up post here and I'll add you
Or send me a message in game by mail BeAtTz
Title (pvp) class and name and level

Note (only 10 spots)
First prize
20 exp lixs
Second prize
10 exp lixs
Third prize

Thanks I hope this goes well
2 points for win
-1 for lost

Players entered

Note due to not many joining I have cancel this event for now
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