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Re: What made you choose your name?

Babou.. it is what it is. All the other name i normally use were taken ( even if i never saw them around in Danu ) so i tried that one and it work. It was the name of my froglog cleric in Everquest :O) one of so many character.

Hey Cyp when are you coming back playing the game :O) New event is comin soon :O) Hope at least the fishing is good

Re: What made you choose your name?

once upon a time in a land called KoM, my ign was Zero. One of my mates on the game kept spelling my name wrong (spelled it Zore...idk he was Nigerian or something) And one time I was on my man period and the git spelled my name wrong again so I said ...


So that's where the its fkn part came from and it's been in front of every ign for the past 4 years.

I was gonna name myself zero again but that's a pretty common CH name so I chose perrian which means short in Elvish. Idk why I chose it. Think I just liked it...

Anywho...your welcome Danu :3

Re: What made you choose your name?

I came up with my mage's name Dragonbolt when i combined aggy (dragon) and i was a firemage to firebolt (bolt) = Dragonbolt xD, i came up with darkmaster (rogue) when i sat in my room one night after school and my soccer teammates used to call me master so of course dark room and being called soccer master walah =Darkmaster xD, and last but not least i had came up with roze because i was outside somewhere and i was told to name the flower and i didnt know the name so i said the only flower i knew and walah it was rose at first but i miss spelled the name and it came out as Roze :3

Re: What made you choose your name?

Honestly when i first started the given name was like pitana or thitana or some crud like that, but earlier that day i saw a pig just lying in someones yard and had that general species on the mind, so i changed it from whatever-ana to HOG-ana. tadaa :D
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