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Im out

Raza has quit cos I hate most of you players cos your all stuck up ****ks. But for the few i did get along with peace out. Won't be returning, will also dish out anything I have left over to those i like if I see you online in next 2 hours. If not I'll mail the items.

Cya cypo, Ik you will follow soon, your to intelligent for this dumb ass game. If you get time pm me on forum I'll let you know where you can find me bud.
Rest of you reading this **** you ****s. Your the most depressing saps around, go get some sunlight you recluses.
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Re: Im out

Errrr I'm confused are you Raza or what? Lol
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Re: Im out

xxFireMercxx wrote:Errrr I'm confused are you Raza or what? Lol

lol I think it's him o.o
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Re: Im out

Take it easy bud, danu looses another old skool player, who's reputation was tarred by gossip and accussed of wrong doings he never actually done .i talked to raz on a daily basis and know all his toons , so makes me laugh when every dodgy toon is apparently a raz alt, he's the kinda guy that wants to help everyone but always gets sucked into the cauldron of poop that is danu clan wars. Frustration leads to being outspoken , which raz definitly is, put i guess the final nails been hit into the coffin. Sad for me lost one of my best buds, and yes raz im hangin around for the supposedly horizontal content, i,ll see how that pans out before I make my decision,,,,,,,,,,peace bud

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