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Clear the air

After over a year off I decided to start playing again. When I made my come back I was clanless and was asked why I have not joined ********* yet (Naming no people or clan names in this post). My response to being clanless was I did not want any part of the drama of a clan. Once I did join ********* everyone PM's me saying, I thought you wanted no part of the drama? The fact is that this is where my friends are and that is why I started back. I made a lot of friends here over the years that I have kept in contact with during my 1+ year hiatus. ********* is not the only clan that has drama. It honestly does not matter what clan I joined I would not get away from the drama. Every clan has those people that create drama and live for that drama. I get on, play my game, keep my mouth shut and go about my day. I hate no clan they all have very good people, but.......not all the people in clans are good. So if you feel the urge to ask me why I joined ********* here is my answer, because I wanted too. I refuse to be a part of the drama in any clan or any world. If you feel you need to bring the drama to me, they have this neat thing called block and that is what I will do. If anyone gets offended by this post well I'm sorry that is not the objective of this post. If you feel like you want to comment on this post go right ahead I will not respond to it in any way, shape or form. I hope this clears things up for you that want to keep asking me. I wish everyone the best of luck on the game and most of all have FUN!
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