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What Do YOU Think?

Hello, And GoodDay....
On Saturday, a Chained King spawned, it was me and the Nitro/Kudos crew and LordFoeHammer appeared and so did a Druid whos name I can't remember...He said he needed the Boss for a Quest, some in grp said not to grp them But some said 'Why Not' 'This'll make a bridge between us and them' and i agreed to that, so we accepted them and Body Dropping came aswell and requested to join thr Group becuase he 'Suposingly' needed the Boss for the same Quest...he joined when it had 2% life left and it dropped a Purple Stag on him(which we were supposed to roll) he logged and ran with the Drop....
Today, another Chained King spawned... I went to it when it was 80% alive, i tried grouping Ascension/Transcension but, was 'Denied'...
In YOUR opinion, wouldn't you do Favor for Faver?

Re: What Do YOU Think?

I think the main question was what do you think about the "one way street" concept with grouping people on bosses of different clans? Personally I think it comes down to the group members, some people do, some don't (for both clans) it really just comes down to whos in the group, most of the fighting isn't as much clan related as it is personal vendettas imo
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Re: What Do YOU Think?

1. Was it the same people at chained the second time? If not, they probably didnt know.
2. Those people who run away with drops shouldn't expect to be invited to join a clan... ever.
3. Join Trans/Ascension . It's where the cool kids are.
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Re: What Do YOU Think?

Yes vik i do think you were robbed of your stag. Yes Trans/Asc where the cool kids at. Yes maybe this is a time of bonding and repair of Danu. Yes most fighting is personal not all but most. Think about it. Airees was supported by Prime used them and made her own clan now she fights and stuff. LadyN was nitro and left cus she didnt like em or something idk but nitro lost their best rouge. Same with Best mages (Neptune/Finnix/BeAtZ/Majin) more rouges (Arach/Reezen) hmmmmmm can't tell more cus i forget easy.

If the clans Ever got along (Prob won't) another clan will show up and more drama will follow. My money is on Airees starting it. Oh and A few rangers left Kudos aswell (Gary/JoJo) lol

*End Post*
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