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selling some things

haste ring x2
aggy 40 dmg ring x2
aggy 45 dmg ring
fiery dagger of celerity
6+ shapr shot 100 str hrung helm
amulet of annihialtion
aggy rogue brace 5+ poison wepon 75 str
imperial ranger hrung brace 400 ranged,125 armour,425 attk
aggy ranger brace 5+ rapid shot 75 dex SOLD
ring of force 150 lux 50 dex 50 energy
ring of might x2 150 lux 50 str 50 health
shield of bastion 150 lux
grand sunfire helm 50 all stats
majestic silverweb hunter helm ranger 60 str 60 dex 200 ranged combat
slashing charm of the ghoul play dead 10, spear 100, resist slash 60,
ancient wyrmbone dagger (150)
grand silverweb qs ring +5 add 86 dmg to skill

open to reasonable offers on all items message me here on on ch thanks
gary25 level 205 ranger
carees level 153 druid
SiOnuk level 107 mage
gary26 level 193 rogue

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