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Tower Predictions

So I'm on forums and nothin been posted in awhile so for the hell of it why not.

Yes Tower is Next Week (March 17th) and in that time before tower Kudos got a 200 full (Congratulations Btw) also Ascension been getting back the players that have stopped playing as they grow in numbers. Nitro does what Nitro does (Which idk what is exactly) Trans sending new players to Asc to increase their numbers. Elite doing pretty good aswell they all chill and relaxed. Danu seems to be dimming the Hostility...expect on Major bosses (Mordy/Hung/Necro) but those rare sometimes I heard that those HardCore members from Each side go at it at 180... But those are between those people. So Tower comes... Lots of big changes are gonna happen. Race to 220/Race to Exalted DL set/New bosses to fight for. So who will prevail? Will Tower make fighting classes mend? Will more fights break open? Your thoughts people of Danu :) I thank you for Reading and commenting :)
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