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Selling the following items

Druid adamant leggings/robe
Druid diamond leggings/robe
Mage adamant skirt/gown
Ranger ancient wyrmbone cuirass
Lvl 150 90 heat damage helm
Golden bloodlust helm
Lvl 100 70 focus crown
Hero boots
Ancient wyrmbone bow
opal cleaver
Adamant icon (druid
Adamant cane (mage)
Ymir's axe
Shield of the rampart (lvl 100 lux shield)
100 focus icecrystal pendant
75 focus icecrystal ring
75 vit icecrystal ring
Ring of souls (lvl 150 15 energy regen ring)
Spectral talisman of midnight x2
Spectral bracelet of the titan (health regen)
Spectral bracelet of the hermetic (energy regen)
Sunshard band of the mountain peak (attack/health)
Sunshard band of the crystal river (defence/energy)
40 focus vit riftskull x4
40 dex focus riftskull
60 dex focus riftskull
50 dex vit riftskull
50 str dex riftskull
60 str dex riftskull
60 str focus riftskull
7 frost chests 20k each

Re: Selling

vik good luck on getting those and henk gimme a tali of midnight :3 idk how much your selling for but i wanna buy plat soooo bad to get one

oh btw how much is the 60 str dex or the 50 dex vit (ik i can't equip but planning ahead lolz)
220 rogue: XxDiabloxX

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