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Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

As I've ask and Been Told Ink has Giving Kudos the Order to Pls stand down and Do not touch bosses like Nerco that Ascension Attempts. Yet when Ascension went to Do Necro, Airees (Beloved Clan Leader of Kudos) went Behind Ink's back by telling Dorn & LikeATroll and a few other Kudos to Drag Mobs and Stand in Lifesteal. Hence the recent Failure on him. As a result of Airees actions Kudos members been leaving her, As I talked to a few other Kudos Friends they said they would leave if Airees Pulled that stunt again. Now I have 90% chance on Airees showing up to next Necro. Dorn himself has vowed to mess it up already,But Nitro being a clan with lots of Loyal and Hopefully members see the best in Him. In my short time being there ive seen the worst Side of him. Yet I hate to tell y'all he ain't "Mr.Perfect". That is All pls feel free to Add to this post or Comment.
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Re: Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

Honestly I don't think that anyone in their right mind should leave the clan that has nurtured them to be the best that they can be, that's why I plan on going to Kudos. They may have their faults but they've helped me grow.

Re: Kudos: The Recent Break in Trust

^ Nor does kudos by standing in lifesteal range. But at least the arena is PVP .....
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