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Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

VanessaOmazi2 wrote:Ellow all of Danu people ! I`m VanessaOmazi2, I can`t play anymore-BUT I wanted to comment (; Hi! I was a level 124 mage and I miss everyone - I never did what ricenoodle said I did •_• you can ask Ekillys ... MUCH LOVE:)

Just thought I should introduce myself, i'm a level... er.... 110 or 120 rogue? Haven't played in a while, i cant play :(. Vanessa, just a friendly(not really, but funny :p) joke. Miss you van and nitro :)


Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello all! I'm Merc :) been around for little over 2 years. Just coming back from inactive due family. I'm a 128 Ranger with alts. Recent Clans I've been in are....

PrePrime(Stilll upset)
Bloods (Current Clan)

You might see me around Putting Arrows in people or freezing their asses :) don't be shy to say hi!
Ranger- XxArrowMercxX lvl 154
Druid- Demeter lvl 200 (Lazy Cookie Druid...)
Rogue- SwiftKill lvl 106

Server: Danu

DPS Druid
Some people call me Shady, I call myself Insane.

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello All,
I started playing during the 2011 Yuletide Event and created my actual main,Hred,in Summer 2012,but at the End of 2012 I stopped playing regulary and only played like once a month for a hour.
Now I am back and I am actually focusing on getting Lux Target than leveling.
Major Clans I've been in are:

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hey all, my name is rangerhalt. I've been playing for a long time now, started playing just before they updated it to dustwhither (think this was around the start of 2011 maybe in June). I'm currently a lvl 144 ranger and don't play as much as I would like due to travelling. I've taken some big breaks in my playing which is a reason for my lowish level for the amount of time played. Favourite people I've met is probably lonewolf and sockthief. Clans I've been in are:
Legion ( my first and probably my equal favourite of them all)
P.S I live in Victoria, Australia

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Hello all,
My name is Trystin,
I enjoy long walks on the beach, Jazz, an occasional scotch, and fine dining. You will usually find me in upscale dining establishments while K.S.ing our lovely opponents the kidsters. I am partial to rogues but have played my fair share of casters including the original Escilator on rosmertta, along with a few other toons. Currently on Danu i run around my rogue but am currently working on a druid as well. For those that see me in arena i apologize if i accidently SS you. It hits long and hard.....
Much love
Trystin/ Escilator
ESCI!!!!!!!!!!! (The real one)
221 Tanky A$$ ROGUE

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Well Im mortimer, started back during christmas of 2011. Level 195 warrior and I have to many alts (Xerath, Zepheron, Mortibow, Mortimos, and cant think of any else). Ive been in not many clans, first being OmegaTraid when I was level 30ish, stayed in omega and worked up to general till I was level 143 i believe with full frozen then went to Prime when the OmegaTriad/Prime merge went underway. Now since Prime has reformed under Ascension i have also moved here, and couldn't be happier with my friends here :) dont have as much free time as I did (thanks to college and work lol). For those interested im going for my major in mechanical engineering. Well thought this was a good idea for a thread so thought id post my bit.
Mortimer: Lvl 195 Warrior (Dps)
Zepheron: Lvl 156 Ranger
Xerath: Lvl 146 Mage

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