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I do not know what to do, I ask anyone for help

I am at a crossroad.

For my entire career in celtic heroes there has been rhetoric about what clans are “good and bad” by who resets targets.

Being younger in lvl and my self test to see if I can make it to 150 full lvls straight with no lix has made decisions easy for me. Resetting is bad. Not resetting is good.

Every time I have seen my opposing clan reset a target in which my clan has successfully locked, I have begged and pleaded the higher ranking member of there clan to stop it.

The answer to my begging has been these structured arguments.

“You have a clan member who resets, I do not like it but it is the way of Danu”
“No clan is bad or good, they are only good and bad members in a clan”
“I will talk to so and and so to stop it”
“He or She did it because your clan did it during this event”

I have SS all of these replies and plan to put them up. But I am advised (By generals from both clans) to not air peoples text because it will only make things worse.

So my response has been me apologizing for my angry spam, then openly saying ‘Grats” when the opposing clan locks a target. “s I vow not to reset”

But usually I get so upset from a reset I end up spewing a barrage of insults, then I am called a bad person for my insults, which are the result of being resetted in the first place. I have lost so many friends and abandoned my journals due to it. I will now finish them as a way to reflect on the best time I have had on Danu. Ra told me I could end resetting with stories that brought people together. But I fear my penmanship is not that good. I have asked my Brother, a real novelist to help me finish; I am waiting for him to have a break in Law school for help with the editing.

The reason behind this detest for resetting is from a strategy that Ra taught me, in his “the turning away” post and the principles tied into retired Legend Podatz meaning behind his clan “Turning the other cheek” I do not want Danu to lose anymore good people because of how people react to their desire for good items.

I simply do not know what to do because of the resets keep happening and to be completely honest, I am close to becoming consumed by “the way of Danu” The new resets are a bit more scary than the ones before because it is now carried out by new players. This suggests that the new generations may in fact be worse than old resetters of the past. I do not have time to wait for a new generation to reach 170. Had the journal turn out how I wished it would have ended with the following plan.

A plan so outrageous that I weighed being kicked from my own clan once executed. To build my own core within my clan. Go to Mordris and kill all of the adds to help my enemy as act of good will to end the resets with one giant insane event. But my core became fragmented with mergers and impatience. My new replacement core is just too young and with my new job and somehow ended up with gf (God works in mysterious ways) I just don’t have the time to build a new core.

So before I throw away my integrity and fall victim to “the way of Danu” I in pure honesty and humbleness ask for the help of anyone, from any clan for any advice. No or old, newb or veteran, from Danu or elsewhere. Even Moderators.

This is my warcry, and honestly my last way of saving my own toon. I know myself enough to know that if I ever start to reset. The Hypocrisy of the Journal and my promises to those who have helped me before will be too much and I will just end up quitting. I changed my build last night and was so shocked on how easy it was to reset I logged out to give back my opposing clan there 200 mob and then made a report about it to support on how easy this tactic is and how it is ruining celtic heroes. Had I moved a few more paces, I would have done the unthinkable.

Please help. Whether you given up on me or not, somehow someway some sort of dialogue on the boards can at least show the someone cares and is brave enough to make a stand. I do not want this to be a mid slinging match, but a way to end something that everyone hates.

Warmly, James Farmer
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: I do not know what to do, I ask anyone for help

Hey bud, the problem is the way the game is structured. Compare Killian, the XP mobs during the winter event, and DL Bosses.

-Killian: Everybody waits in line, nobody ganks or KS him.
-XP mobs: People (for the most part) will group all regardless of class, and nobody resets them.
-DL Bosses: Always reset or griefed.

While Killian and the XP mobs are valuable, they aren't on the same level as the DL Bosses. OTM has create an environment of extremely scarce resources and deliberately created a game where they want people to compete for end-game bosses. Factor in the number of players 180 and above and how hard it is to get DL mainhands and offhands, decent drops from Aggy, hrung, mordy and its no surprise that people become extremely competitive for them and will use any trick to get them. Danu is full of really great people - its the environment that OTM has created that causes such negative behavior from so many.

The end result is the emergence of a superclan - which exists on almost every server - as players decide to work together within a formalized structure to try and gear up as many toons as possible. Of course there will always be people on the outside of the superclan who choose not to join either from dislike of a few key members or loyalty to old friends/clans.

Throw in the lack of transparency in clan banks and clan leadership (its not a democracy) and you have an environment that's ripe for suspicion, mistrust, and pettiness. This isn't a Danu problem, its a problem on almost every server - take a look at their forums and the number of people looking to transfer.

Re: I do not know what to do, I ask anyone for help

Thanks so much for the replies and thoughts PoDatz, Micky211 and Cyprus. I spammed check this post the day I put it up. It was an eerie day in Danu as I had little responses after notifying toons in game on both sides of Danu's "Elephant in the room" referred to as the Resetting Wars. I am humbled to know that I am not alone, and Podatz assessment of the problem rings a deep truth as the game is structured in a way to foster unhealthy competition that benefits OTM as the only relief for the suppressed toon is in the form of luxing out ones toon, in short a perspective on the resetting tactic can be viewed as the ability to block others from high end gear, which is responded by simply buying items using cash to keep up once a toon outgrows his or hers ancient beast bone set. To add, the see saw, domino affect can happen (has happened), where someone who has been "resetted" than chooses to "reset" someone else to gain DL, and the cycle continues and diplomacy is farfetched when everyone feels like a victim.

Support in the idea that this is just a game is the only remedy that partially subdues the feeling of being resetted. And I have to take this into account because I will not deny that I have been asked "whats wrong" in real life, yet ashamed to express discomfort about a video game. As a grown man, it is embarrassing. That being said, I find solace in some opposing clan whispers who attempt to help ease in whispers because it paints a true picture in the fact that no clan is collectively good or bad, yet they are driving forces within all clans that have been so affected in game that they have heavy influence on clan ethics, where their ethics have been tarnished, resulting in an underground structure that upholds resetting.

The Journal reflects this before I entered the camping of DL by recognizing that the Lux Vendors are more antagonistic than Crom. It was a way to say metaphorically that the lust for items makes the weak do strange things, like scamming. Now, the lust for DL armor, makes the strong to stranger things, like publicly denouncing resetting while secretly building a structure for it.

The new issue now is seeing recruits engage in resetting, in an effort to gain affection from stronger toons in power whose ethics have long been failing. Here lies the hidden structure of the raising of a generation that is polar opposite to what Ra tried to do. A Generation who perfects resetting as a recruit, and gains ranks due to sacrificing ones in game reputation for ones clan. This frame was was presented to me by a deep conversation by an opposing clan member. The idea that the resetter is in fact the Celtic Hero, for trashing his/her own reputation for the clan to gain items. Self sacrificing like a shinobo or ninja. Caught in the political mess it nearly almost seems correct, yet the delusion is quickly destroyed once one realizes they have only dichotomized there clan over the server. The end result is the globalization of a server, a collapse in server numbers, and the shutting down of a server that no longer has enough numbers to support the cost of OTM keeping it up. The trend has already started, as new members and clans are not noticeably appearing, just the renaming.recycling and rebranding of old ones.

The only thing I can do and say is start within my own toon and continue to say, I vow not to reset, and hope others find a their own way to this as well.
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: I do not know what to do, I ask anyone for help

I really felt like typing a huge long post but I highly doubt you can go through the whole thing, so I'll shorten it up for you.

Virtual is not reality - No matter how much you achieve in this game, it will not (at least significantly, so far) affect your being in real life. Which means you can have the freedom to be the goody-two-shoes, or the troll, without anyone noticing your real life identity. This is the anonymous virtual world. This has led some to becoming jerks, but keep this in mind, getting full DL armor won't really benefit you in real life (in fact, it costs you time, better balance it out).

It does not have to be you - I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. You're not alone. However, I have not been affected. I'm barely inching forward in my main, since I decided that PvP would be my main activity in CH. Of course, that means I won't be getting close to DL, but I don't care. If your clan is going like "you must lvl once everyday," screw them, it's your life, your game. Others can reset, kill newbies in arena, ks all they want, but they don't have to change you. You can still be the farmer that we all love.

Do continue with your journal.

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