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Re: So long my friend...

I may have not known him well, but when he passed me one time, it was like a celebrity just passed me.
He was a good person and he brought this community together.
(P.S. I heard his daughter was playing and talking to a few people....)
Hogana (Retired)
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Re: So long my friend...

I've only been playing since last fall and didn't know him half as well as everyone else did. But in the short time I've been playing CH I've come to know his as a friend. He was one of the few people in game that treated me nice when I was a low level. He always offered to help when others weren't so willing to... He never spoke much to me but when he did he spoke with wisdom. I'll never forget the last conversation him and I had, it was a random out of the blue conversation about the old days of Danu. He tought me a lot that day... My only regret is that I never had the oppatunity to get to know him better... He is and always will be a friend to me.

Rest in peace, bud.
Level 222 Warrior
General of Ascension

Re: So long my friend...

First time when i saw u, u was in arena with skeleton flaminghead charm, growthcharm and the big hammer, u killed some noobs who attacked u, and u said : fly's, so many fly's here. It was really fun. I gonna miss the times bud !! :cry: :cry:
Flanoer ( Retired )

Re: So long my friend...

There lived a legendary soul among monsters and beasts
A stainless identity of a bright luminescent soul released
In a wretched and cruel world where lost spirits feast
Upon the blood and victory attained by the defeat
Of fellow hands..
Of other clans...

The Warrior we once knew, was a hero - a savior
For others, he was a preacher of good behavior
Such righteous identities do not remain forgotten
For they are whom, by which flowers blossom
From fruitful seeds...
Of pure breed...

The pain that we feel now is not from his death
Not from the fact that he was at his last breath
But the reason that our world has lost a great man
An emotion, a tale, for more to understand
The light of RA...
Does not fade...

A true Warrior does not die...
He lives in the heart of man...
Till the end of time...

My condolence goes for RA's family. A wonderful father, friend, brother, buddy, comrade, supporter, and lover of life. He will be forever missed by many and remain unforgotten for everything he has done. A life-long lesson that he has taught me was that there is more to life than being within the shadows...

Shall be remembered... Forevermore!

With love.
~The Undying Shadow of RA...
You're not a shepherd, you're just sheep...

I am the one who suffers in silence

Re: So long my friend...

Hello, my name is Oxuan Farmer, 5th Shadow Knight, Lead Offtank and Officer of the now Defunct Guild Ascending Dawn on the last PvP Server Zek in the MMO Everquest 1.

In my current form, Farmer, I haven’t the rank, nor reputation for my campaign for Ra’s Legend status, my peace talks and impossible dream handed down by Ra himself for the infusion of morality and ethics in Danu have been melodramatically carried out in my journal. With four more entries left, I fear I am perceived as a rambling jester. Therefore I believe it is appropriate to speak with all of the influence of a Toon who was apart of temporary alliance on Zek, in which 3 Large guilds with over 60 active members each was able to act civil for two years on a server called Zek in which, players could attack other players in any area outside the castle, in short, the only safe place…was the Arena. And in Everquest, resetting was not a part of the game, infact, a simple patch fixed it. Rather the issue on Zek was taking an army to attack another, while they were on a target. Good times…indeed.

A week in a half ago me and my Chief were caught in contentious argument of a “he say she say matter” in which, I referred to Ra as a Legend. This was challenged. The original reason for my post was to admonish this. But to be honest, on reflection, I believe it was the contentious nature of the conversation and not out of spite and mistakes were made on all sides, I do not believe they truly felt like this. And under the guidance of a Family member, I was reminded that this would take away to the Glory that is Ra. That being said, I wish to forfeit my rage to bring us together for a brief moment, for I believe the Big Three and their supporting cast of Generals would agree, Ra, who stars in the Farmer’s Journal as the G*d of Danu sitting in the Tavern, The First Pillar, The Right Arm and simply the Great One will never be forgotten. I have been honoured to write something with purpose of bringing everyone together to honour someone who will forever be missed.

What is a Legend?

Dictionary.com says this.

legend   Use Legend in a sentence

leg·end [lej-uh nd] Show IPA
a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.
the body of stories of this kind, especially as they relate to a particular people, group, or clan: the winning of the West in American legend.
1300–50; 1900–05 for def 4; Middle English legende written account of a saint's life < Medieval Latin legenda literally, (lesson) to be read, noun use of feminine of Latin legendus, gerund of legere to read; so called because appointed to be read on respective saints' days

My focus on this definition brings me to the definition of a Saint.

What is a saint?

Dictionary.com says this

saint   Use Saint in a sentence

saint [seynt] Show IPA
any of certain persons of exceptional holiness of life, formally recognized as such by the Christian Church, especially by canonization.
a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence.
a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization.
before 1000; Middle English (noun and v.) < Old French (noun) < Latin sānctus sacred, adj. use of past participle of sancīre to consecrate, equivalent to sanc- (akin to sacer sacred) + -tus past participle suffix; replacing Old English sanct < Latin, as above

Cultural competency brings my focus on the second & third definition.

2. a person of great holiness, virtue, or benevolence.
3. a founder, sponsor, or patron, as of a movement or organization.

The first time I saw Ra I was around was lvl 40 or so, he stood in the Castle opposite end of the Mail Box on the corner of the pvp grounds, currently this is were Ironic usually stands. Using a charm, he was in Ancient Beast Bone armour and stood several feet larger than anyone else in the castle. I marveled at his appearance and I said.

Farmer: Are you a G*d?

To which Ra replied…

Ra: Not in this lifetime…

He then walked slowly to the other side and bowed. This sealed the deal for my stay here, as I was having a difficult time finding friends and did not understand Danu. I immediately began to mimic his mannerisms as I still walk wherever I go, I keep myself unarmed when possible, for much later on when he made me a Guardian, he asked in respect for the ceremony, to disarm.

Ra’s influence is like the waves made in a pond after a stone is thrown into it. They are stories related to Ra dating back from pre V2, before my time.


I wish was around when this picture was taken. I wonder if his hopes and dreams as newly invited Prime member have come to fruition. I consider this a historical document, for this was before he became a pixelated G*d.

Ra’s explanation in leaving his former army was to avoid greed, a side effect of high end dominance. I say this to not take a swipe of at his former army, rather he explained this as “High End” has its up and downs, downs that left unattended can run wild, and he sought a harder path. One of the down sides of “High End” is the inadvertent (accidental) suppression of the weak. What Ra did essentially is give up High End in order to provide patronage to new members and in doing so hoped to grow a generation that was impervious to greed. I believe I am the physical manifestation of Ra’s agenda.

Ra also volunteered for his local fire department

Ra Principles are many, here are a few (In no particular order)

Effort is a reflection of respect, show the public that effort is present and the respect and honour will follow.

The Farmer interpretation and application in Danu

If I reset a boggan after it is locked by my enemy, I shall back off the target to show respect, hoping that it transcends to my enemy, for when the time comes I will be strong enough to lock the target before them, and the reciprocation of respect will ensue, and they will not reset my target.

Ra gave away gold to people who would look for items, in particular, new players

The Farmer interpretation and application in Danu

A simply conversation I had with Ra about staying in the grey area of being able to solo and being a tank at the same time turned into a conversation about weapons…the idea was, if I use the fast frozen sword to foster faster taunt spells, I could then use another sword for dps to solo without worrying about skilling up a new weapon and splitting skill points between rupture and g swing, flushing all points intp g swing and fully committed to the sword. This was my novice idea and not thought out properly, yet Ra honoured my novice thought process, and before our conversation ended, my mailbox icon lit up. This is the story on how I began to wield the “Heavy Blade of Ra”

Ra never stood over above anyone else, and considered himself at the same level of those who were more than 80 lvls his junor. He never looked down on others.

The Farmer interpretation and application in Danu

I was personally devastated when we lost Martha, Jack and Sick left to Prime. Ra took the time to make sure that there decisions should be respected, while I started to change the context of them as enemies, Ra told me I would be no greater than the trolls if I let my mind falter like this. This is why my friends list is 80 percent filled with those who have left, for they all used to be in our clan at one point.

The irony of this, is that Commandor Torch Rumsfeld, and the God of War, said, the same exact thing about the perspective of their Armies This is proof positive of Ra’s influence reaching the far ends of Danu,

Ra also worked at his local Holidays during holidays as Santa Claus

After our merger and newfound strength in the “Virtuous”, Ra returned to our former Army in order to foster the youth. With all of the Pillars gone, it began to grow wild and off the track that it was set for. Again, Ra gave up his chances of Dragon Lord armor, to foster the weak.

The Farmer interpretation and application in Danu

Instead of telling others there was a better path than the spam race for high treasure, he actually lived it. I often ruminated over this…Would I be willing to spend my entire career in secondary armor to influence others that high treasure is not worth the mitigation of in game ethics? Few would, as the same pitch has been made by those draped head to toe in high end gear. This is not to knock the strong, rather to honour the most difficult of gamer tasks. I believe only a Saint would do this….only a Legend.

Ra left behind a beautiful child, one of those with the faces that read, “Too hot for gaming.” Fortunately she is the living manifestation of Ra’s greatest work, she wears her ethics on her sleeves, and tbt one of my last wishes to move a Mountain for her in the same way Two Hundred and Eleventh Monk moves mountains for Asil.

Ra stood well over 6 feet tall. A giant in game and out of game. A Boss that made people laugh and created a work environment that defied the feelings of the 9 to 5 drudge we all go through into in order to lux out during events.

In downtime, rather to quote him directly, I ask you read his second to last post titled “The Turning Away”


For this has become scripture and the mandate that I wish to apply as a General. Let me put this in perspective, as his second to last post, Ra may have been self aware of his mortality, the clarity of what Ra posted in the state is the textual proof of his Legend status, For he created a doctrine for Danu in this time frame is as epic as Socrates and Plato’s last conversation. As epic as General Custard’s Last Stand, as epic as Mandela closing arguments in his trial before being sentenced. And for sports buffs as epic Micheal Jordans performance with the Flu in game 6 of the 1998 Finals, who previously devoted his MVP performance in the 1996 Finals to his Father, holding the game ball and collapsing on the court, smothered by his teammates and sports casters….he lay weeping in all of his greatness. And As Epic as NYPD Fire Department post 9/11.

Let this doctrine be open sourced for all Great Leaders, to the Airees’…to the Ink’s Blaz’. Cheechs’ and Blackice’s of Danu…To the Twitches and Kiero’s and Shivonne’s and Edogg’s to the Leaders who land on Heroes Landing before they rise to greatness. Let us put aside our differences and briefly stair into the Sun in StoneVale. For a Legend is to not be claimed by a single army, rather he or she is to be celebrated beyond clan war lines, for he took the time to give us the framework for excellence. A task of complete selflessness during a time of adversity unmatched. A Legend, A Saint. Indeed.

I have currently devoted all in game efforts to become the physical manifestation of Ra’s principles and to provide support for my Chief, for I she has imho suffered the most outside of immediately family, in an uneasy boundary bending play that transcends Danu and real life. For while it is obvious that blend of gaming and real life of such a serious manner is potentially dangerous, I am fortunate to be in a profession in which the silver lining of this serves as an empowering bereavement process, bereavement for the Entirety of Danu.

Cue music: Fink Sort of revolution
Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMUiZwiBmNg

The Farmer stands behind the Mailbox and salutes in the direction of where he once stood.

Here’s to the First….the Last…and everything between.

More fundamental than the light reflecting off the ocean surface leading to why the sky is blue.

More monumental than human’s discovering fire and cooking and storing of food, which lead to development of the left brain hemisphere and frontal cortex of the human brain granting us logic and the power of reason, separating us for all other creatures on the earth.

More instrumental to social media’s part in the Tunisian Revolution, the Arab Spring, and Chileans Winter of Discontent.

May his memory live forever, for a Celtic Hero is obvious ….for a Celtic Legend logically follows in same way Newtonian Physics led to both Industrial revolutions.

Warmly and forever unworthy, Farmer
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

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