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Just To Clarify

Sorry days late with this,but since my name was mentioned so much(warmed my heart btw) in the "historical context of danu" thread, thought i might throw my two cents in.
June 2011- Z creates clan named "Death"
late summer 2011- I believe Z was busy in RL and also Beta testing for next update. Somar/Crazyfists, Similius/Deathdruid, and myself are pretty much only ones logging for clan. Update was slow to be implemented. Somar grew tired of dying clan life and started Defiant. Similius joins soon thereafter and then I, about a week later. Back then Catacombs were highest mobs to lvl and quest on.

Fall 2011- Shalemont and Stonevale update released. Honestly I don't recall what clan size was like at this particular period. It was fun though learning to play alongside all these other ppl. this was my first MMO. Actually I remember meeting Cheech for first time in Shale at Connacht castle. Lvling like a fiend. I was in astonishment cuz i had no idea what the hell the elixers were lol. Cheech was clanless for awhile if i remember correctly. We had good talks, should have invited her when i had the chance. Of course though I became very suspicious of ppl at start of update as there was a huge scam that took place. So I hesitated with invite and she eventually joined Chosen.

Winter-Spring 2011-2012:
Both Defiant and Chosen grew in size and therefore the competition thrives and becomes heated contests for mobs and bosses. Looking back it was naaaaasty but DAMN! it was fun. Even after a loss. There were spies in both clans so there was a heightened sense of scrutiny on everyone. For those of you old enough: it was like the US-Soviet cold war IMO.

April 2012: Otherworld Update in final preparations. Although I was a guardian in Defiant I was not involved with discussions of the clans merging. In fact I had no knowledge that clan merger discussions were being held. Thought it was simply truce talks. This is why I decided to try and hold Defiant together. Plus,in case the Prime merger didn't work out and the clan fell apart for some reason. Also I can be a bit of a stubborn ass when it comes to loyalty/trust issues :)
As the week went by, slowly ppl continued to leave Defiant and the clan grew powerless. A shadow of it's former self. Remyo continued to throw opportunities my way to join Prime. As I was a guardian in Defiant I was afforded an invitation to join and also be a guardian in Prime. After that week, eventually I threw stubborness out the window and joined Prime as a clansmen, leaving my warrior as chieftain of Defiant. I declined the guardianship in Prime though. Quite frankly as being in that position for awhile it became a DAMN headache :) Those of you who are ranked in any clan, know the pain.

So to finalize:
It was a MERGER. Created for two reasons that i know of:

1) To more easily defeat the mobs and bosses in update
2) To stop the needless over spending on potions and elixers by both clans. The plat could be spent more wisely on someone lix'ing and
gaining lvls in order to beat down a boss

Honestly, with all the hatred that was spewed out between both clans, I can say I am proud of the ppl who set aside all that hate and vitriol and helped make Prime start off in the right direction. There were bumps and bruises, but it was the most practical solution for the ppl who had been there since the start of the first great feud of Danu.
Server: Danu
Have returned to IOS Danu

Re: Just To Clarify

Also deathdruid had some words to say.

Cland my old friend cleard most of the stuff but some things arent cleared.

Defiant was founded by somar and me couse z invite every jerk into clan death. Somar and me disliked this, so we started defiant. The only two Person clan on danu that beat avatar With two mid40 level rogues.

Also Not somar or cheech where highest lvl in v1. My rogues the First 60 on danu. Then the elix came out...
-Username: DeathDruid
-Retired Druid
-Druid on the server Danu

-Username: Similius
-Retired Rogue
-First lvl 60 on Server Danu

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