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Darkness shrouds the poor lit pass as I am lead away to a rougher task.

I am not sure how long I will be away, my stay here is with out an end date, thus planning for all my devices to be turned off.
Tell the old ones that they are missed
Tell the new ones not to give up
For the rest, say nothing.
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Re: Away

I know you travel a darkened path, bud, but remember that there is a light within which the shadows cannot touch.
You are a good man, Merlin, and goodwill shall ever be a companion on your journey.

Fare well, mate, and hope to hear soon that things are better.


Re: Away

Dear Right Arm, The First Pillar; currently know by the impoverished as simply “The Great One”, I hope this finds you well.

I find solace at the castle, just behind the mailbox, to where I have been blessed by your words of wisdom in our numerous conversations on the plight of Danu, the social constructs that erode the impossible dream of uniting the “Big Three” and the crushing vulture economics that serves as a virus that strikes the poor with the side effect of haphazard gambling, high brow and low brow scams, and arena mass murder culminating into generations that actually believe the Resetting Wars in the tunnels is oddly, a way of life… a frightening result of an unexamined life in a sea of ignorance so vast and deep, recruits to generals from all armies who lack enlightenment actually create builds in preparation to steal another army’s rightful locked target.

Yet, I will not give up.

Patrons believe I am crazy, perhaps I am….I often randomly salute in the direction behind the mailbox where you usually appear, perhaps to will you into existence. For it is dark days….dark days indeed.

Yet, I will not give up

My final assignment in which we discuss on providing auspice to the one hundredth and eighty-one King has been sidetracked. Do not fret, he is fine, for he carries the blessing of you, the Great One, and the Tiny Twitching man, this is unprecedented, perhaps, this friendly soldier will be the one who saves us all.

And so, I will not give up

We have lost the Fourth Pillar. And for that I apologize. Too weak to have an influence, in an impossible situation without right or wrongs, I found myself blaring pleas in the Arena to the leader of those who are in their Prime. As our chief writhes in pain, I hang on to your lessons for dear life, for I have been driven to such a state of madness my perception of the world has changed into dark malice cloud of filth.

Yet I will not give up.

To add, randomly, indirectly and vicariously….I found that the Great Spaniard Philosopher Renè Descartes idea of dualism, the mind being separated from the body is wrong. For in my madness, my body has been affect, for my beard now has turned grey and …and ..I think my hair is falling out. I believe soon I will be bald.

Yet I will not give up

The wind...it blows oddly...clouds aggregate just beyond Heroes Landing...instead of Heroes. The blade in which you let me borrow, feels different. Strangely…lighter. Where I used to drag it and chop down boggans methodically, the madness in my mind encapsulates a rage that is makes me impervious to muscle strain. The result is at times leading with G. Swing first often forgetting to shatter my target beforehand…aiming for the temple of my foes with the blunt side of the sword as if to say, “There will be no Peace, only Pieces.”

Yet I will not give up.

Forgive the pessimistic tone, the premise beyond the report of my letter is to say…as the sky appears to be falling, the Sun remains high and for that, let our conversations, memories, and your direction serve me as scripture…for without it my sanity would have buckled and with it, let my resilience rebound with the fortitude of ...of..(thinks)

Of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Iron curtain Defense...
... of Marry Lou Retton off the vault with one good leg and prayer at the 1984 Olympics..
with the fortitude of Former U.S. President's Reagan's speech directing Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall..
with the fortitude of Kirk Gibson at the plate with a busted knee
with the Fortitude of a Mike Tyson combination before Cus D'amato took him mainstream...
with the fortitude of Andrea Bocelli at a live concert with a megaphone...
...And with the Fortitude of the pressure at the center of the sun that causes hydrogen atoms to slam into each other with so much force, they combine and form Helium.

Until your return, my War Cry will, and shall, and forever will be aimed at the Sun, The First Pillar…more fundamental than the Higgs Boson participle….for it takes 8 minutes for the light of the Sun to reach Danu and in these dark days, we will wait 8 Googolplex minutes more.

Warmly, Farmer
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: Away

I may not know much,
but I do know this,
When the soldier attacks and hits with a crunch,
that man may not always get back up,
but when he does,
he is stronger than before,
more mighty than a god,
more humble than the soul,
for better or for worse,
we live for the joy,
and whatever is wrong,
remember these words,
for you are invincible,
no matter how hurt.
Hogana (Retired)
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