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Re: 2011

SneakyBugger wrote:I think dark flame is some of the coolest armor in the game haha, so rare and so cool, i just hate how its for show now and not useable like it used to be.

There are petitions for people to put any armor they want in the fashion slot.

But NOT to then make it fashion armor.
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Re: 2011

D0nk0 wrote:
SneakyBugger wrote:I loved seeing dark flame armor, then it was a good armor to use on like you head or hands/feet because it was the only dmg armor

I'm sorry for not being on and showing them off.
I'll try and log my accounts and show them off more often.

On a side note, I do like logging both sets and have a load of noobs trying to trade rubbish for them. Haha

I will log onto Danu and offer you 10, yes 10, Old Cloth Scraps for both of your Darkflame sets. I know you are getting an unbelievably rare offer for those, but they're well worth it. I mean who doesn't love the ragged fashion quest? :3

Re: 2011

i don't still play, and if i do its not me. But i do sometimes visit the forums. I started in December 2011 and my favorite memory was probably the Faerie Queen in front of the castle... i remember attacking it for the first time and dying. Also Killing the level 22 snowmen with a group :geek: My worst memory would be the clairvoyant trade system and thats the reason i quit for Over 1 year and came back in 2013.
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