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How many people from 2011 still play? If you played from then tell me your favorite memory or part of the game then. What I remember from 2011 was all the noobs favorite boss the winter queen in front of the old farcrag.

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I won't lie, the bosses back then were a lot more detailed and creative. Undead Fire Titan, how cool was he? I don't recall the skellies name but I just remember being a little noob and helping Defiant with them. I personally liked the brooms though, they'll forever be the coolest mounts ever introduced to Celtic Heroes.

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i started playing in october 2011 and only played for a couple months but all i remember is a bunch of us noobs trying to kill plumper root :lol:
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i remember the old players who quit...
ir emember there not bein s bunch of noobs eho thought they owned the world... i remember all the cool bosses, ks (yes i miss that), ffa, clan wars, etc

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Hmm im not sure if i played in 2011. I think that might have been when i first played the game on one of my brothers characters. I played on his characters throughout 2012 and then in October( or November) got my own. But I think i might have played a couple if times in 2011(but it was at the end if the year).
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Re: 2011

SneakyBugger wrote:I loved seeing dark flame armor, then it was a good armor to use on like you head or hands/feet because it was the only dmg armor

I'm sorry for not being on and showing them off.
I'll try and log my accounts and show them off more often.

On a side note, I do like logging both sets and have a load of noobs trying to trade rubbish for them. Haha
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