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Help me train quickly?

CthulhuDwarf here! :)
Most of you know me, as well as hate me, haha!
Anyway, i am requesting someone help me level up quickly??
I see some of my old friends have gone from level 21 to 77 in just a week!
Problem is, I'm a Druid, and we heal more then fight, and fighting is VERY hard! (At least to me).

So would anyone like to help me level up fast? I will give all drops. I'm in it for the exp!

You can find me in Stonevale, usually spamming (Not really) trying to buy or sell some things!
Thank you to whomever helps! HAHA! :3
CthulhuDwarf, Druid, 59, Danu.

Re: Help me train quickly?

Dwarf, listen to some of the higher levels. Lawsdog can't even level himself... How on earth is he going to help you level? Plus I'm a level 83 druid... You shouldn't complain so much. I thought we were friends but you've been PMSing a lot recently...
Yes, I have made mistakes. Yes, I'm human.

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