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Hello Again Danu.

Hello to everyone in Danu From ClandLand 8-) ,
I'm missing playing and chatting with everyone, well not that i could actually play for any extended period of time, with that old crappy ipod :x . That thing finally went kaput. Sure would be nice if peeps would post lil more of the going-ons rather than "selling (insert high priced item here) :D . Anyway to all my friends out there hope all is well and good with all y'all. At the moment I'm device-less, but Hopefully one these days I will make a return.

Take care and Blessings be upon You All
Sincerely, Cland
Server: Danu
Have returned to IOS Danu

Re: Hello Again Danu.


I miss you so much :/ How have you been? Feels like forever since we had a chat, haven't seen you in a loooooooong time :( Damn iPod... why did it have to break down >.< just made it more harder stalk you -_- err.. I mean talk to you xD Grr.. you really must return soon or I'll send you a device to play on!!! :twisted: Hehe, hope all is well on your end too :) Can't wait till you return!!!

Miss you lots and take care!!!
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Re: Hello Again Danu.

Howdy Alexithymia :) ,
Hope all is well with ya. Is your CH pm system not working? I'll try sending a msg to ya and see if it works. How goes everything? have you been playing much etc, etc...?
Is there still decent drama on world? :D
Server: Danu
Have returned to IOS Danu

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