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I am a role-player, this is the main reason why I do not have a sig. But I am between 60s and 70s and fairly new to Celtic Heroes, and I am happy and honored to be accepted into a productive and active clan.

New Clans are spawning, some with an agenda of collective justice. I have a situation that only the knowledge of veteran players, who have been here since V1 can shed light on.

Two clan fights in which I participated involving 2 bears in Lir's Reach near crossroads.

First one, resulted in a ring drop that landed on one of our most powerful players.

He replied, "Who wants ring?" To a flurry of group tells asked for.

Rewarded to the first tell.

Second one, resulted in a ring drop that landed on one of our most powerful players. (Same player)

He replied, "Who wants ring?" To a flurry of group tells asked for.

This time, it was rewarded to the first person who "traded to the player" While I was the first tell.

The third fight in which the bear spawned, well I had other prior engagements. Thoughts went through my mind about meritocracy and collective effort. Caught between the desire to inquire about how loot is delegated and wondering whether I had the right to ask ruminated with me, which caused me to arrive late, only to assist outside of the group by bandage healing tanks.

Now. Before veteran players "roll their eyes" I want to acknowledge the "wambulance" character of this post. I also want to say that the clan that has accepted me has taken good care of me and has been of good patronage. These situations have only appeared in the drops of jewelry and helms as the clan rules on drops that involve "tabs" or "pages" has stayed with who randomly received it. In addition, I have no intentions of leaving my clan. My post was inspired by a conversation with a man in stonevale recruiting for a new guild called Fury in which this was brought to me as "fighting for a clan that did not have my best interests". In closing, any thoughts, trolls, or recommendations would be appreciated.

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Re: Clan ethics New Clans recruitment Veteran Advice

I'm a v2 player since 2011 yuletide (not v1 soz), but I can share some experiences.

I am an Unbreak, and remained loyal to it since the day I joined (remembered that I joined when laws is lvl 50-60 ish XD)

Lots of rumors have been going around saying that he and colby scams ppl, my reaction was: v2 trade system pfft (all v1-v2 players should know the famous shuffle scam, trade, wait till the other guy ticks, remove everything from ur side tick, bam).

TONS AND TONS of ppl were scamming in v1-v2, laws and colby are just a speck of dust in the massive horde of scammers at that time (no offense), what I can say is, ppl are naturally greedy, you can't help it.

Now that v4 (v3) came in there's just virtually no way we can scam, mail system, confirmation of trade. Now with our greedy instinct surpressed we can see the true faces of everyone, laws is a nice guy to the bone, no flattery just stating an observation.

As for collective system, we are usually FFA, who ever gets it, gets it. But if a high lvl clanny decides to hand out the drop, whoever needs it and first trades the clanny gets it.

take it this way, usually, who ever gets the drop, gets it.

Laws did't have a SPECIFIC ethic/rule (like don't grp out of clan and stuff) which is great b/c it allows more strategic freedom, you can either be Mr. Goody 2 shoes like me or be a complete arse (so far everyone I know in Unbreakable are goody 2 shoes so doesn't really make a difference). So it allows you to form ur OWN ethics and morals

This is my way: Regardless of your clan/race/sex/random bs, you need help, give me a call, I'll do the best I can.

Unbreakable is a strange but awesome clan, and in my opinion, a clan without borders, we do not restrict ourselves within our own little huddle, we go out and help everyone in need, and again, as of what I observed.

"We have no country, no nation, no identity. We, are soldiers without borders." 8-)

P.S: ppl's opinion may be different, so I restate, these are based on my own observations, no bias included.

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