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Re: The Farmer's Journal

The Farmer, follows the Father of StoneVale (FoS for short) across a long and narrow bridge connected two cliffs. Looking down in an abyss, sounds of beasts seem to echo in deep elongated moans underneath. The bridge appears to be weak, rickety and swaying back and forth minutely with each step. Fully trusting the Second Pillar Father of StoneVale, yet not fully trusting the bridge, the Farmer times his steps antithetical to his General, in a way to mitigate the swaying, hoping the bridge holds steady. In almost a comforting way, he is pleased that the First Pillar, The Right Arm, (RA for short) is not with them, for his sheer size would suggest his few metric tons of absolute strength would be a task much too difficult for the old and rickety-rackety bridge to support.

Yet…it gives rise to his obvious absence. Where has the First Pillar gone?

FoS: How is the arm.

Farmer: Much, much better Sir. Again, Tyvm.

Farmer: Sir…

FoS: Hmm, don’t worry, this bridge leads to the tunnels, it seems weak, yet I have never seen it give way, plus, you are like…what….130 pounds soaking wet? Hahahe ugh (coughs, into his ragged clothes, revealing a little bit of blood on his shirt) hehe, ugh.cough…cough kaash..ugh.

Farmer: Where has the First Pillar The Right Arm gone to? Are you ok?

FoS: The Right Arm took a beating back there. You know...the Pillars are not invincible. Even we need time to recuperate, aye. I myself will head back to rest, yet with the state of your clothes I wanted to lead you to the Third Pillar before I take leave.

As The Farmer and FoS cross the bridge, the Second Pillar FoS, stops and takes a deep long breathe, leaning on his green staff, as the green staff begins to wobble, he grumbles and replaces it with a longer staff…scythe of sorts…red in color. The area looks similar to the Arena, yet only larger and darker as the sky is not accessible…and the sand here is much more firm, and orange in color.

FoS: The Oracle, rarely frequents the Castle. She spends her time here mostly, on the front lines. Fighting beasts, much larger and stronger you have ever sunken your hatchet into…what do you call it? The…um

Farmer: The Jack hatchet! (Emphatically)

FoS: Ahh..yes, even Jack one of the Double…um

Farmer: Dragons?

FoS: He spends most of his time here as well.

Farmer: Tis a shame as he was swayed, as well as Sick…to join the Blind lady I feel as they were swayed by greed into the hands of evil.

FoS: Hmmmm

Farmer: ?

FoS: Things are not so black and white as, whatever commenced at the Arena training.

Farmer: What do you mean?

FoS: Just…just have an open mind when you encounter the Oracle. Understand that in the tunnels, things are not so black and white.

Farmer: wait..so (Interrupted)

FoS: Open mind. Just…Open your mind. And…don’t think so much. Wait here at the mailbox.

FoS (Father of StoneVale) then quickly utters a prayer of some sorts, for the Right Arm….the Farmer catching on late, assumes his stance, closing his eyes and placing his weapons in his back pack. As the Farmer open his eyes, FoS seems translucent, indicating his exit. Dust off the hard, orange ground forms a whirlpool, moving counter clockwise around him, kicking up sand and trash on the ground as a soft glow emits from his frame. As the farmer squints to avoid dust in his eyes, a pamphlet flies off the ground and hits the Farmer square on his face obstructing his view. As the Farmer reaches to pull the yellowish paper off of his face, FoS has vanished and Lady appears, floating on a wooden staff towards him, with a carefully carved dragonhead on the front end.

Cue entrance music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem

Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi8vJ_lMxQI


A lady floats on her staff close to the Farmer. Leaning backwards, the Lady Sits upright on her staff and kicks her feet outward in a manner only elite Olympic gymnasts could pull off, slowly, methodically every motion of her is synonymous to well life long trained ballerina.


Her staff moves on its own, sliding underneath her She, in kicking her legs apart and forward, leaps, from a straddling position into a backward summersault …unusual lightness of weight is displayed as her flipping backwards seem slow, purposeful and slows down even further as she spreads he arms out side by side until she rotates all the way around through her summersault and lands., one foot in front of another perfectly on her staff as if it were a balancing beam…like a young magical Marry Lou Retton, standing on her staff.


Without any observable effort, she dismounts off her staff just as it dissipates into nothingness as she spread out arms serve as wings of sorts, body forming a T shape and she floats a few inches off the ground in preparation of her landing., Her momentum brings her to a slow levitating movement towards the Farmer as if she was moving along a ground escalator found in airports. Her movement as if she was in full control of every sub atomic particle within and around her.


Her clothes of sheer elegance and beauty. A snow white leggings with grey fur bustling at her calves , knees and waste well proportion accentuates her slim and toned thighs. The Farmer gulps when glancing at her mid section, for her mid drift is in view, revealing a well sculpted stomach her abdominal muscles forming a “V” pattern into pants that seem to be tailor fitted. Her Coat, sprouting grey fur around her shoulders, culminating to her slender neck…as the Farmer, taking his hedonistic time in beholding her beauty brings his eyes upward….to see a black veil with white trim covering her face with antlers symmetrically budding on each side…

Farmer: (gasps)

The ladies landing on the ground is a purposeful as well rehearsed as a landing of veterans at the Cirque du Soleil. At a complete stop, her Black veil kicks forward due to momentum and for a split nanosecond reveals her face…. the Farmer is given perhaps one of the greatest visions of absolute and pure beauty he has ever seen in life. The Farmer grabs on to the yellowish paper that struck his face as if he is holding on to his life, magnify the sensations of the harsh paper in order to force himself free out his trance that her beauty trapped himself in. At this point, the Farmer is fully aware that his glances may appear to be rude, hedonistic and even barbaric at this point.

Farmer: (voice squeaking) forgive me..(coughs, then assumes normal tone) er forgive me you must be the Oracle

Before the Oracle’s Viel moves back into the position of cover her face, Her eyes hold a piercing, penetrating, yet calm. Stance. The farmer feels as if they were old friends beyond the notion of time and space…. a protective entity and a supporting factor for a thousand ions in reverse and in the future.


Her strength reads off the charts, yet at the same time does not encompass the fear or intimidation of others of her strength. The Farmer almost automatically and without control straightens up stiff and salutes, nearly knocking his head backwards in all of his awkwardness,, knowing that even in his deep ignorance this woman is one of high stature and should be treated as royalty, even though she does not demand it.

Farmer: (crumpling up the paper that hit him in the face) ..you must be the Oracle, forgive me for I , I do not think I have encountered such(interrupted)

The Oracle: You already know I am the Oracle…you wonder…wait..stop

Farmer: ?

The Oracle: Understand that the motions and actions of Danu are purposeful as your Axe training with the Double Dragons 40 lvls prior. Now…if you take this as a given, everything before you and after you has happened for a reason…even that flier that hit you in the face precursory to my entrance.

The Oracle takes her left hand up and the paper in the Farmers hand moves, out of his hand in what appears to be on its own volition and un-crumples itself, airborne, until it is flat while floating in the air. On one side of the paper a picture of a lady is on it with some text

The Oracle: Farmer, could you read to me what is on the backside of the paper?

Farmer: Um…Sure…forgive me, for my literacy is poor, yet I will try.(Begins to read)

Title: Veritas Manifesto: Outreach

Front Side of Paper:


Back Side of Paper:


The Oracle: Hmmm. That is a random…yet is truly random? If we presume that everything happens for a reason, than I wonder why that parchment struck your face. As you wonder as well. Hmmm.

….you are also wondering how The Right Arm, the First Pillar is doing after the rumble in the arena….you appear to be troubled lost in empathy of the God of War…you also seek power…and you feel guilty about wanting power….as you perceive it to be an internal obstacle to reach the philanthropy level of the Second Pillar Father of StoneVale….you also wonder if I noticed you nearly fainted in heat when you briefly saw my face and if this was disrespectful (chuckles) my my my you have way too many thoughts running at once….your vision is too cloudy…for if a Boggan were to appear now you would be totally unprepared……clear you mind young Farmer

Farmer: But wh(interrupted)

The Oracle: Too many thoughts occupy your mind, preventing you to formulate concrete answers to each one. Smh. You seek Justice, yet you are novice indeed. You wonder how you will ever be a Pillar, and if your desire to be a Pillar is egocentric, an excuse for treasure and power under the cover of being a bearer of peace. My oh my your cognitive dissonance is as polarizing as a busy Tavern setting with the God of War being seated a table adjacent to a Vulture.


The Farmer, takes a step back,…more confused than ever as the Oracle begins, time after time, predicting his thoughts, some even before they reach the self awareness portion of his own consciousness. He becomes, afraid, nearly slowing his mind down, as he feels naked when the Oracle appears to have more access to his brain than himself.

The Oracle: That’s right…slow down some.

The Oracle: As you well know, I am the Third Pillar. Some may assume me the Pillar of Elegance. I frown on such notions, for I consider myself a collector of some sorts or a Scholar

Farmer: Oh oh, ye(interrupted)

The Oracle: Now that is out of the way, that pamphlet,,,why did it hit you?

Farmer: I haven’t a clue?

The Oracle: Perhaps to expose the cognitive dissonance in your mind? Hmm?

Farmer: What is cognitive dissonance?

The Oracle: Why it is the human condition. The things that give rise to feelings in which you agree and disagree with. The built in contradictions that are apart of us and the world around us. As it is obvious that you want Justice for Danu but you also want Power…yet Power has long been associated with things that prevent Justice. You are confused indeed hehe. (Looking around). In a way the Tunnel here is a physical manifestation of Danu’s dissonance.

Farmer: How so?

The Oracle: For instance, your experiences in your youth had provided you a social construct that those who follow your God of War and those who are in their Prime are opposed to eachother.

Farmer: Well, tis no secret

The Oracle: Well, this may be true, but take a look. See over there? That blue Dragon everyone is killing? They only appear at this time of the year. Look closely…

As the Farmer squints his eyes into focus, he sees a Flying dragon reeling in pain moving, moving slow…towards an Archer. The Archer almost appears to be flying the dragon like a Kite, each arrow penetrating the dragon, making it more angry and focused on the archer, yet moving too slow to catch up to her. Behind the dragon, several patrons appear to be beating, cutting slashing its sides and tail section and others farther away send fire and ice towards the dragon, for this dragon who is more powerful than each one, yet confused and thus inferior by the well organized strategy employed by the collective.

The Oracle: You seem astonished by the strategy in killing the dragon, yet you overlook the most important aspect of the strategy….look closer…look at who….rather than how…they are fighting young Farmer.

As the Farmer leans in to see which army formulated this well organized strategy…. He smiles to see the army he is a part of, those who follow the God of War are there….yet….what is this?....also…… those who are in their Prime ….and those who are not breakable…all….working, pieces forming a whole…in unison…

Farmer: t….t.t..tog (studdering)

Farmer: (simultaneously) together
The Oracle: (simultaneously) together

Farmer: but but

The Oracle: The Father of StoneVale said not to think so much, and to have an open mind no?

Farmer: How did that happen?

The Oracle: Understand that the politics of Danu, are the ..well..politics of Danu….the people are the people. Maturity purges the social constructs that keep us apart….and paradoxically…the challenges before us, the harder they are..(Nodding towards the dragon) seem to bring us together.

The Oracle: Yet, this is a small glimpse of the possibilities of formulating Justice, the idea you lust after, for your true test will arrive once you are strong enough for the resetting wars.

Farmer: Resetting wars? (confused)

The Oracle: Indeed, for your resiliency once you quest to reach 150 without Lix is actually not an ending goal, it will be your birth to implement what you have learned..knowing Justice is one thing, implementing it is entirely another….

Farmer: (holding the pamphlet reading it again)I am unsure..perhaps this Magistrate's strategy of finding truth to lead us to Justice is a clue of some sorts… Where is this Veritas and the Magistrate? What does this mean?

The Oracle: The Magistrate is now with those who are in their Prime, and Veritas, well her ideals and manifesto, went back into the holy well due to the patrons of Danu not being ready to accept the truth due to undying and lasting grudges..

The Oracle: Legend has it…after the Magistrate destroyed all of traitors in Shalemont…he was awarded a lix. He took one sip of the potion and gasp…spitting out the fluid due to its synthetic taste and used a fettle cap mushroom to wash out his mouth and never lixed again…he still searches for truth, waiting for Veritas to reemerge. You may be lucky enough to run into the Magistrate, one of the few in Danu that is held in high regards with opposing factions here. But I digress…you came here for clothes, your thoughts are so boggled it interesting to read…. it is many, many colors that are in your mind.

The Farmer: Colors?

The Oracle: Emotions, if happy was Yellow…and sad was..Blue..what does that make when you put the two colors together?

Farmer: Green?

The Oracle: Yes, but if anger was red and love purple…what does that make?

Farmer: Um…I am not sure…brown?

The Oracle: What if all colors were laid superimposed on each other?

The Oracle places her hand in the direction of the mailbox, to which opens on its own and a Black Hat….and Black Shirt, folded neatly float onward, towards the Farmer.

Farmer: ahh…yet these clothes have only been seen on Captain Black Storm who resides across the bridge. Surely they are expensive, much too expensive for the likes of me…

The Oracle: The Black color represents all of the colors or emotions boggled in your mind, perhaps a mourning of things you wish to achieve and are out of your reach as well. Farmer, I am a collector of all things, and you are in luck, for you are correct in your assumption of affordability, yet for the price of an old revered Clan’s recruitment flier, these clothes will be yours…

Farmer: Recruitment flier? (looking at the uncurled Veritas Manifesto…he hands it to the Oracle in exchanged for his new clothes)

The Oracle: Now that this is out of the way, let us get to the difficult part. You quest to find and perhaps bring justice to Danu is a difficult task and your perspective of the politics of Danu is novice. While I cannot tell what to think…perhaps I can provide some clarity

The Oracle places both hands outward emitting a blue aura, and in doing so projects a map of sorts on a large rock, behind the Mailbox.


The Oracle: I saw this in your mind. So, is this what you see Danu as?

Farmer: Yes!

The Oracle: You have distaste for Clan A?

Farmer: Those in their prime have chosen a path of isolation. If you notice, the other ensembles work together with others on beasts, from the novice of areas of Lir’s Reach…to the beastly Dragon in the otherworld. And even…those in their Prime has caused pain and suffering for others, guilty of Arena mass murder and mayhem and the stealing of beasts for treasure. It is clear to me who is evil, who are the ba(interrupted)

The Oracle: (chuckles)

Farmer: Why..

The Oracle: Chosen a path of isolation…causing suffering for others?

Farmer: Aye.

The Oracle: Have you sought the historical context of Clan A? Have you not uttered yourself that those who suppress others are usually in more pain than the suppressed?

Farmer: Yes but that would mean an impossible equation?

The Oracle leans in and tilts her Antlers to the side as if to suggest wanting to hear more…

The Oracle: Then…what of this equation?

Farmer: It would suggest that those in their Prime need to be given justice as well….that they need to be saved before anyone else? But how is this possible? How can those in their Prime be in more pain than those who they sink their swords into????

The Oracle: (chuckles) You will have to figure this out on your path, if you are to truly find Justice on Danu. Btw why is that slice of the pie separated again?

Farmer: Oh it is because the other two work together and that one chooses to work alone?

The Oracle: Chooses? How does one choose to be alone?

The Oracle leans towards the farmer…in whisper.

Perhaps there is no bad and good as you see it…perhaps the bad part of the social constructs of Danu is the space…separating that clan from the others, perhaps the “bad” is the challenges that keep us apart.

The Farmer walks over to the large rock with the projection, placing his hand on the Rock, over Clan C feeling its warmth.

Farmer: Well…perhaps I do not understand what Bad means…but with all due respect…I know what good means.

The Oracle: So what does, “Good” mean

Farmer: When I had nothing..(looking at the ground) when I was robbed and exploited due to my ignorance in Danu economics, casted aside and alone...twas the God of War who saved me. Forgive my emotion, but she saw something in me.... a possibility...that I could not see. She assumed me to be great...and it started a reciprocation of sorts....I started to believe in myself..because she believed in me beforehand...I am forever in debt to her, and even in defeat, may that place my grave in front of her as I serve to protect her, for now...forever...ad even in the after life. If I know one thing out of a universe of ignorance, I know that this ...(begins to tear) that this is a good thing.

The Oracle's veil over her face appears to twitch, indicating a smile of sorts.

Farmer: The God of War and her Army gives many chances to those who make mistakes, of greed and anger. Some of those who I fight with have had reputations of being horrible persons in the past. She has a unique eye of seeing the good in everyone, and sometimes it turns bad people into good people because that start to believe in what the God of War sees within them rather than what tyranny they have produced before joining. This, I believe is a goodness. And so I ask you…if you have the ability to read minds…and perhaps see momentarily in the future…what is Justice?

The Oracle reaches into her backpack and takes out a book,

The Oracle: Heh, you are not the only one with journals…yet this is not a journal this is a cook book.

Farmer: What?

The Oracle , fumbles through the pages of a the book stopping 3/4th through the book.

The Oracle: Ahh yes, Justice…the ingredients are as follows.

Justice: Ingredients

2 Dogs
(One Law abiding Dog who follows laws)
(One Military Dog who has gone mad)
1 Pint of Nitrogen
1-quarter ounce of cheech grade chronic
1 Sun
1 Tavern
1 Torch
6 Gastor’s Pies
24 Pints of Mead
2 Tables

Farmer: That makes no sense (scratching his head)

The Oracle: Does it really make no sense?

Farmer: Even if it did? Why a torch…when you already have a Sun?

The Oracle: Indeed…the Sun and the Lighter do appear to be similar…perhaps the lighter is needed to set something a Blaze.

The Oracle: The two Dogs are a rarity…I saw them in my novice years. Everyone once in a while the Law abiding Dog appears…yet the Mad Dog…is a rar(stops)

The Oracle looks north…her veil twitches indicating perhaps another smile under near the material covering her face.

The Oracle: Farmer

Farmer: Yes?

The Oracle: There seems to be a storm coming…remember our conversation…remember the Impossible Dream of togetherness. A rough ride is ahead…yet if you truly are to find Justice, it will be on a path unbeaten, thus unsmooth and uneven. For now…I must go. Actually we must go.

Farmer: Where to? The Father of StoneVale told me that you rarely leave the Tunnels.

The Oracle: Indeed. Therefore if I am to take leave…tis of significance.

The Farmer then hears a rumbling as many…many followers of the God of War running, flying on staffs and carpets out of the runnels….leading them is the God of War herself. As they pass the Farmer at an alarming speed the Oracle readies her staff speeding off aside the God of War. The Farmer fumbles his staff and speads off trailing the massive crowd of the army…over the bridge, through the caves, shalemont…lir’s reach to the castle, speeding buy while building numbers the massive crowd composed of Clan C….starts to past the castle…leaving no other possible route other than that of Heroes landing, the Farmer finally catches up to the The Oracle who is ahead of the crowd and aside the God of War…

The Oracle: We head to the beach, but you will not follow because of that sound…

Farmer: What sound?

Just then a deep roaring sound emits for the Castle….the farmer starts to feel a sharp pain in his chest…trying to turn around…yet cannot to keep balanced on his staff.

Farmer: (yelling now due to the wind from the speed of the army) I cannot explain but…

The Oracle: You have to go….I know…head to the castle, we will catch up later.

Farmer: Why do I feel so ..

The Oracle: Sad?

Farmer: Yes…

The Oracle: Do you really want to know…really?

Farmer: Yes.

The Oracle: Your heart is breaking….hard to explain. Just know that when you encounter the Fourth Pillar, you biggest test will come to pass, and this will be your defining moment, to determine if you ever find justice as well as if you ever reach your goals…

Farmer: What? There is a Fourth Pillar?

Cue outro music The Fall by Ryhe
Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJS5ywEIsA4

The Farmer leans hard to the right…bending his staff to make an 180 leaving his massive army to reach the beach behind him as he speads to the castle…getting closer to the roaring sound….feeling afraid he starts to breath through his mouth…taking a look in the sky just before entering the castle…he sees dark clouds forming above the castle…perhaps this is a sign of what will come…
World: Danu
Class: Farmer
For Liberty, and Justice for All.
Son of Dorn
Guardian of Nitro

Re: The Farmer's Journal

I agree entirely, Podatz.
It takes a great deal of humility to shed pride in order to take on advice, and can be a rare quality to find nowadays.
This latest instalment is an excellent riposte to some well-intentioned critique.
It shows a greater sense of self-awareness, but I particularly the like the fact that the writer does not feel the need to lay claim to holding all the answers.
The conflicts of character are acknowledged, yet there is acceptance that they as yet remain unresolved... This a good thing indeed.
The moment a person believes they know all there is to know, and shut off their ears, is the same moment they turn aside from a path of enlightenment.
Wisdom is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey, and there are some well-placed steps laid here.
I still think that greed is too simple a scapegoat to point the finger at, and in terms of explaining the divisions that are prevalent in Danu.
It may permeate through most things, but is more a symptom than the condition.
People for the longest time have been tribal animals, and banded together in groups for survival and protection. It is part of a basic imperative... An instinct for self-preservation and the notion of survival of the fittest.
This would in turn lead to things such as control, power, and greed, but as I say, these are largely symptoms.
It's these instincts that can give rise to national, racial and religious conflicts.
It is also probably one of the reasons why we feel so compelled to offer our unwavering and somewhat irrational support to the particular sports franchise whose badge sits so close to our heart.
That is just part of the story though, and it is far more complex than the meagre thoughts I have laid out on the matter.
It is clear you have taken great steps to broaden the vantage point from which you gaze upon Danu, and think maybe the above might help you somewhat as you attempt to peer into the gulf of space which you describe as separating the people thereof.
What you may want to consider though, is not just the differences of the clans, because these can be largely situational, but the common traits that bind all people.

Great job though, chap

All the best,


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