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Re: The Farmer's Journal

Please do continue when you have the time. I do very much enjoy this story. Kudos for your writing skills and your deep philosophical insight to relationship dynamics within Danu. I would love to see more. Keep it up :)
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

Hyla wrote:Please do continue when you have the time. I do very much enjoy this story. Kudos for your writing skills and your deep philosophical insight to relationship dynamics within Danu. I would love to see more. Keep it up :)

+1, suspense killin me here


Hi, I quit. Thanks.
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Re: The Farmer's Journal


Use Pillar in a sentence

pil·lar [pil-er] Show IPA
an upright shaft or structure, of stone, brick, or other material, relatively slender in proportion to its height, and of any shape in section, used as a building support, or standing alone, as for a monument: Gothic pillars; a pillar to commemorate Columbus.
a natural formation resembling such a construction: a pillar of rock; a pillar of smoke.
any upright, supporting part; post: the pillar of a table.
a person who is a chief supporter of a society, state, institution, etc.: a pillar of the community.

Horology . any of several short parts for spacing and keeping in the proper relative positions two plates holding the bearings of a watch or clock movement.
Reference: Dictonary.com




The sun, hangs.


The Farmer, shakes.


The sand, relentless, somehow able to find its way, inside of his trenchcoat, shoes, scratching his toes. The soft sand makes for an unsupportive foundation. Difficult to push off of, pivot and move.

Farmer: So,

Crammok: So,

Farmer: Have you seen him?

Crammok: Killian?

Farmer: Ragnor

Crammok: Ah, he took a break; perhaps you should come back at another time. It is dangerous here.

Farmer: Aye, that (interrupted)

Crammok: The infamous archer, at your

Farmer: Six oclock I b(interrupted)

Crammok: Five, Four even. He is on the move. So (gasp). So fast

Just then a two younger much younger patrons of Danu standing aside the Farmer and Crammok, walking towards Strog together… (shwuack) one straightens up stiff, then drops to both knees, mouth wide open as if he meant to say something to his female counterpart. One arrow, is lodged so deep into his esophagus, it dives clear through the other side, cleanly and evenly

MalePatron1; luuu..Lo….vvvv

The female counter part shrieks, Cradling her soon to be corpse, counterpart. Tears streaming down her two rosy cheeks.

FemalePatron1: WHY!! WH(interrupted)


The female patron is quickly, and silently impaled by a single arrow through her sternum, clearly shattering her spine. She winces…then smiles, looking at her male counter part.

FemalePatron1: I love you to hun.

Before falling on top of her male patron, long gone at this point. The horrific scene is so ordinary the Farmer does not flinch.

Crammok: Why does Danu allow so instances? Why do you let this happen?

Farmer: silence

Crammok: Coward. That Archer has been made a God due to the cowardice of Danu. Had I not been getting a paycheck here, I would summon my peers to send him on his way.

Crammok: You are a coward

The Farmer looks down, smoothing away the sand by lateral movements of his right foot.

Farmer: Aye

Five Minutes prior

The Farmer Stands on the edge of the entrance to the Arena, placing his Jack Hatchets in his backpack, unarmed..before calling out.

Farmer: Archer!, Aaaaarcheeeer!

Archer: You dare, bring attention to yourself? Haha, you spark a conversation with a Demon, infamous due to my 1Shot. What say you…before I make part of this Arena floor?

Farmer: May I please train today. I am obviously no match for you, nor hold any ill will.

Archer: Such weakness ha. You beg me to live? This is disgusting. We heard of you, this idiot who does not use lix. Trying to bring Justice to a world void of it. No one cares.

Farmer: Perhaps you are right, yet I grow tired of avoiding my training session.

Archer: admit that you fear me

Farmer: tis no secret

Archer: Ha ha ha, coward, Go quickly…wait come here

The farmer gulps before taking one step on the sand.

Archer: let me see your face..

The Archer reaches for the throat of the Farmer, unbuckling his trench.

Archer: Grey beard? How old are you?

Farmer: 135 Sir…(shaking)

The Archer, slaps the Farmer, sending him face first into the sand.

Archer: Go, haven’t seen Ragnor in ages…Tell no one, for if I am known for showing mercy my reputation of the 1Shot killer will be tarnished!

(Present time)

Crammok: Sighs…go quickly Ragnor’s shift is starting soon.

The Farmer, squints, to see over to other side of the Arena. Up. In the stands. Ragnor appears to walking down,,getting ready to jump onto the sand. The Farmer then, readies his staff…quickly zooming to the opposite side…taking one last look at the two younger patrons’ ending embrace he wonders…just what am I fighting for?

Then it happens….so fast..the Farmer is unaware of the first four lacerations. Cut so clean that his cross belt on his trench is unfastened, sending his trench coat wide open, serving as a makeshift parasail, slowing him down.

Farmer: ffs…

As the Farmer moves on his staff, the flapping of his trench coat sounds like a Flag at high mast in turbulent windy, weather. He searches for his belt to refasten; yet it has been cut clean off. Unaware of how he was cut, the blood on his left ankle, knee, chest and left earlobe marks the spots where he was cut. He peers ahead, pushing his staff to the limit. Ragnor…two days late to his training session due to cowardice, he cannot stop now.

Then it happens, the Farmer is sliced, diced by a series of acute and swift combinations.

1, 2..5….16…..36……167….233….350. (Three Hundred and Fiddy)

An unleashing of combinations aimed at tendons and pressure points on the Farmers right side causes him to black out…. While still on his staff at full speed….then one arrow pierces the head of his staff, stopping it completely. The Farmer catapults off of the front of the staff sliding on the sand face first…feet collecting behind him curls him up into a U shape at full stop before lying face first in the sand. With his last bit of strength he turns on his back…looking up…viewing Ragnor, who appears to be upside down looking at him due to his position.

Farmer: Hey…(wheezing) I thought (wheezing) we had …an agreement Archer?

Archer: Ha ha, we did. I only hit your staff, to save you life…or you would have smashed into the wall while unconscious.

Farmer : then what…what happened?

Archer: Lawl, “She” happened…

A small slender woman bends over the Farmer….red hair tied in pigtails…freckles...looking about, in her teens, looking at the Farmer…smiles. Her beauty is a paradox…her face…beautiful…a combination of Jessica Beil and…and ….Pippy Long Stocking. Her small frame and preconceived notions of genderism would have the Farmer thinking, this little…freckled faced, pigtailed petite frame could not have unleashed a beating so swift and apathetic. But why? The Farmer is caught between the disbelief of the unprovoked assault and her child like innocent look. In short….Dafuq?

Farmer: Wh (interrupted)

RedheadedWoman: Lol you are so weak.

Ragnor: Whoa…lol

Farmer: You are not even in your Prime little girl…why cause as much pain as them?

RedheadedWoman: The Federation! We are the ones! Let it be known!

The Farmer’s right side is motionless. His left hand reaches upward, towards Ragnor…in a futile and embarrassing way, he swings..as if touching Ragnor would give him the right and claim to start training.

RedheadedWoman: Haha…Ragnor is mine!

Ragnor: Sorr kiddo, it’s a paycheck. You know how dangerous this gets

The RedheadedWoman unleashes a whirlpool of combinations on Ragnor, sending him back to the Arena wall, before readying his two handed blunt to unleash a heavy swing. The Redheadedwoman then jumps, landing on top of the blunt weapon, walking along its shaft before leaping towards Ragnor…sending both of her daggers into his throat pass his overgrown and aging beard, sending him into remission. Before he is sent back into the stands for the medics. The Woman walks across the Farmer, who is wheezing, sucking the air in order to heal.

Redheadedwoman: Before you start uttering nonsense of saving Danu, try to save yourself, lol.

Farmer: uugh..(blacks out)

The Farmer several (minutes?) later..(comes to)

Farmer: Who was she? So belligerent…so vulgar…so domineering, yet I am drawn to discover the womans internal drive. Oddly I am attracted to her...

The Farmer stands, unaware he had been out for hours. Looks to see Ragnor back at his post untouched. The Farmer quickly pulls out his axes and starts his training session…then looks off to his side to see the Archer talking to a another lady accompanied by the Double Dragons…who’s aura of power is so strong that Ragnor and the rest of the Gladiators lock eyes with her, causing the training session to be dull and uninteresting.

Ragnor: Hurry…if that blind lady breaths on you. You will die a thousand deaths.

Farmer: Who?

Ragnor: The Blind Queen.

Farmer: What is so special about her? She is blind?

Ragnor: She commands all those who are in their Prime

The Farmer stops swinging his axes…and looks off in their directions.

Ragnor: Hurry!

The Farmer clinches his teeth.

Farmer: You mean this blind lady is the one? The one who allows her army to unleash pain on Danu? The reason Danu weeps? The ones who took our Double Dragons? Wooed the Mage I loved away from us? She is the polar opposite to the God of War…she is evil! My entire childhood I spent being overpriced by the members of her army for things I need. My entire childhood tragedies was due to someone who serves her, either in the former of stealing a kill in which I have started first, or from preventing me from finishing a quest I agreed to take on.

Ragnor: You fool be QUIET…, she can’t see, but she can sense you and if she investigates…your life will end!

Just then the blind lady stops talking and her head peers through the shoulders of the Double Dragons, past the Archer…in the direction of the Farmer and Ragnor. Before vanishing into the thin air.

Ragnor: Oh…oh ..now you have done iiiiii(interrupted) sssttttick

Farmer: Wha?

Ragnor head slides clean off his shoulders at a 60 degree angle..eyes still blinking,,,head falling on the back of the Farmers ruined trench coat and on the floor. Medics jump from the stands on to the sand, collecting the body parts of Ragnor. The Blind Queen reappears in the blind spot of the Farmer, tapping her staff on the Farmer's shoulder

Farmer: jees….so fast. How did she even …I didn’t even see her move?

Blind Queen: I sense a purity I haven’t seen since I ran into Tolith. (sniff sniff) Who do you follow?

Farmer: The God of War

Blind Queen: She used to be a sister of mine. We fought before you were born.

Farmer: (shaking, sensing a power unreadable by mortal men) w..wwwwhy do you cause pppppain.

Blind Queen: Because.

Farmer: What?

Blind Queen: Your feeble mind cannot comprehend the politics involved. The one you pledge allegiance to, God of War…she was my sister! Now, like the bulk of uneducated patrons of Danu, believe I am the bad one. If you only knew, yet talking to you serves no purpose. My only question is, if you were to die right now…would you have any regrets?

Archer: Haha Ha, you are a dead man walking. No one has lived past his or her response.

The Double Dragons, Jack and Sick look onward. Motionless. Sick, the left dragon, peers into the Farmer’s eyes as if every fiber of his body is saying. “Leave, so you have a story to talk about and a head to talk with”

Farmer: (thinks)

The Blind Queen: Hmmm?

Now the Blind Queen is so close to the Farmer’s blind spot her chin rests on his shoulder.

Farmer: Regrets…yes I have one.

Archer: Haha, well let us have it.

Sick: Queen, may I please walk this poor fool away…he does know what he sa(interrupted)

The Blind Queen motions her staff into the direction of one of the Dragons…

Blind Queen: Shhhh ,before things get difficult for you and your alt line.

Sick: Yes Queen.

Farmer: (shaking) I re…I regret not being able to see you fight along side the God of War….for it must have been a glorious time. She ..I..I am an extension of her…and I ..will NOT GO UNTILL HER DREAM IS FULLFILLED

Archer: LOL

Sick: Facepalm

The Gladiators in unison all jump the walls and run of into the stands, sensing an eruption of power emitted from the blind queen’s frame as her brows begin to assume a stance of anger…in unison…dark clouds begin to aggregate above the arena, blocking the sun..

The Farmer then pulls out his Axes and turns

Time slows down in the next few moments

The Farmer With both axes in hand…sweeping both axes into the direction of the Blind Queen, for this is the Farmer’s moment of truth. If he can kill the Queen now…perhaps those in their Prime may lose faith in their domineering and control stance over Danu…perhaps Peace can happen. Perhaps the God of War’s objective can be carried out by an uneventful farmer…perhaps…

Perhaps not.

The Blind Queen…who is so fast she has already disappeared. In doing so, severing the Farmers left arm completely, sending it, and the Hatchet of Jack flaying into the sand. What appeared to be a moment of sheer insanity , bravado and faith has faltered and ended into what looked like a silly dance move of sorts, spinning, falling, without one arm, until he lie on his back, where the Queen reappears laughing, standing over him.

Archer: such foolish bravery…

Queen Blind: And, well. This was interesting enough for me to kind of enjoy it. Be free Farmer, for Danu is something you are clearly not built for.

As the Queen lifts her staff she steadies it to align with the heart of the Farmer, aiming to penetrate the existence, the entire purpose, the will of the Farmer in an uninteresting death, plunging the dull side of her staff right into his heart.

/Cue Music : Is There Anybody Out There. Artist: Laura Myula

Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClgJdDrjnLc

On the eve of death, one cannot anticipate the feelings, emotions and thoughts that occupy the neurons and synapses in one’s 3-pound process center, commonly referred to as one’s brain. What was 5 seconds or so becomes an eternity. (Death Monologue Begins)


Apologizes, sent out in thoughts…so many things I could have said. Done. So many dailies missed. The Father of Stonevale warned us to take advantage of the world. Could I have said anything to Martha to change her mind. The dream of becoming a General, a Pillar ending in failure. The Ambition to become a Pillar to support the god of war, failed. Would the Archer know to take my staff and return it to the God of War? Who was that redheaded vixen that cut me like a short order chef? Even before the God of War provided me auspice into her army, what of the General who reprimanded me for my ignorance of keeping a heavy stock of idols…currently holding 300 idols on me, I even wished to send my apologizes to him…so…so much regret. Even to my former self, Oxuan. The ultimate goal of doing right in this world to save him from his stay in Hell….all for not. All because I thought I could win early. Danu is unforgiving. Indeed.

Just before impact…

Cue Music subsides, mixed with second song.

Like the Morning Dew (Same Artist)

Reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn_AHzit2JE

A Right Arm appears seemingly out of no where, shields the Farmer who has already accepted his fait blocking the staff from plunging into his heart..

The Right Arm....The Right Arm.

The Right Arm: The answer is no regrets, Farmer. Now Stand.

The Blind Queen vanishes, reappearing a few paces backwards, behind the Double Dragons.

Blind Queen: Ha, it is none other than the God of Danu

The Right Arm: Hello, old friend. This one will not die today. For he has protection of this First Pillar

Farmer: (tears streaming down his face, lying on his back) I am not worthy…. (The Farmer, whose 5 seconds of assumed death, lay helplessly on his back, in a hyper vigilant state…eyes wide unable to speak, for blood as filled and formed a small pond in his mouth, mimicking the fountain in the castle. As he peers upward, the First Pillar, Known as The Right Arm, God of Danu comes into view.

A Giant, The Right Arm, God of Danu

Arms and Legs, thick, like weathered, petrified tree trucks.

A Giant.

Holding a Hammer, pastel Red in color, so heavy, as he placed the hammer into the sand the stone tiling underneath shifts in a manner that causes one of the Double dragons to be lifted in a see sawing fashion at a 45 degree angle ten yards away. His presence a saving grace, for even the Archer moves back a few paces to cover himself from fire.

A Giant.

Chest like the grill of Ford 150.
An Aura of sheer power and strength.
Half man, Half amazing.
His breathing, sounds like the humming of an industrial air conditioning system. For a man of this size to operate, must consume energy beyond the Farmers comprehension, just to stand upright.

Blind Queen: Ha ha this has been most entertaining! Dear Right Arm, why not rejoin our ranks. Why protect the weak when you could be draped in the finest of armors, like my dragons here?

The Right Arm: This Farmer and I have something in common…See we both have a strong allergic reaction…(mock sneezes) We just can shake it. We have this aversion…to Greed.

The blind queen scowls seemingly unraveled.

Blind Queen: Greed? Ha, you have lost your vision

The Right Arms: You mean gained vision

(The Farmer thinks) (rejoin her ranks?)

The Right Arm: Stand up Farmer…Ragnor will be down soon.

The Blind Queen: Hahaha I grow tired of this, yet thank you for your displaying of awkward bromances. (Snaps fingers)

Several more, 20 or so Men and Woman, all in their Prime appear. Brandishing weapons. Smiling. Aggregating towards the Queen.

The Blind Queen: Finish them; I have business in the Tunnels. (vanishes)

The Right Arm begins to stretch, cracking his knuckles before picking up his hammer, to which the stone tiling underneath the sand re evens itself…sending one of the Dragons back, firmly on the ground. The Queen vanishes and the group, 20 or so, begin to jump on the The Right Arm, God of Danu, cutting, slashing, crushing him to the point in which he is unseen buried under the feet of the menacing crowd.

Then…A Deep rumbling of the earth a sound so deep what seems to be an earthquake is the voice of the Right Arm… He lets off bellowing sound echoing off the walls of the arena as his stands, the 20 or so fighters are sent hurling into the Air. A Glowing green aura surrounds the The Right Arm…as if he is being healed…but, by who?

A few paces to the left up in the front row of the Arena stands appears to be a senior, dressed in rags…The Farmer is unaware how he got so close to the commotion while being unnoticed.

The Earth

A Man of biblical proportions, dressed in the most cheapest of wears, perhaps to mask his unreadable strength sits in the stands waving a large green staff, then uses it to steady his way from the stands unto the Arena floor.

The Father of Stonevale: You may call me the Ancient One.

The Earth

Known by the younger patrons of the God of War’s army as The Father of StoneVale for assisting 5 or 6 generations of Danu children in gathering armor pieces for the Wardens. He is pure unadulterated Altruism. His very existence is devoted to helping. So much so that the Farmer worries about him burning out. For this man has helped so many people, he may be unaware that he has not only helped the Farmer during his trials in Shalemont one hundred levels in the past, he has also assisted the God of War during her young adolescence and several of those who have been lead down the wrong path, who have forgotten and now serve the Blind Queen.

The Father of StoneVale: Every good Pillar needs another Aye…you hooligans are interrupting my Warding Training? How dare you! Don’t you scoundrels know it is the meek that will inherit the earth?

Now, Two Pillars stand in front of the Farmer. The Right Arm, and the Father of StoneVale. The Farmer stands, noticing his arm has been reattached to his body.

The Father of StoneVale: Not a bad stitch job aye?

Farmer: Aye, Ty Sir

The Father of StoneVale shakes his staff, to which lighting strikes down at the crowd of 20 who has repositioned themselves back into a fighting formation. Ragnor then jumps on the sand.

Ragnor: Lets go Kiddo, last shift of the night

Farmer: My generals are at war, I guess it was not meant to be; I will fight with them now.

The Right Arm: No you will not, you will train

The Father of StoneVale: We are support…finish up, here Farmer

The Farmer, shocked and befuddled. Cannot understand. Why of two of the highest ranking and revered members of the army would devote time to someone such as I, so weak that he was robbed by Redheaded tyrant hours beforehand.

Ragnor: Hey Farmer lets train already…you heard what the Right Arm said.

Farmer: How can I in good faith? Those two have saved me countless times, my frozen armor…my weapons…all due to their help and guidance. So I get to train why they fight to protect me? As a member of this army I serve to support these Pillars to show gratitude to them and the God of War.

Father of StoneVale: You have it wrong kiddo…perhaps that little redheaded girl knocked some sense out of you.

Farmer: Huh?

The Right Arm: Hmmm to be a Pillar. If you aim to ascend to our position, like Fitz…you will have to see our purpose.

Farmer: And that is? I am lost…

The Father of StoneVale shakes his staff, shocking one of the members in their Prime, sending him back a few paces as The Right Arm, swings his hammer in a lateral angle, clearing 6 members in their Prime flaying into the sky..

The Right Arm: The Pillars are not in place to support the God of War…nor you as a Guardian job is not to support the pillars…you have it backwards. For it is (swinging his hammer)

The Father of StoneVale: For it is us the Pillars…who support those who dare to walk the...

The Right Arm: walk the righteous path., now finish with Ragnor, for our display of strength will be wasted.

As The Two Pillars reek havoc on the 20 hooligans, just long enough for the Farmer to finish his training all three hurry to the castle battered and bruised and....and , the objective and purpose of the army and his position becomes clear. For the Farmer’s desired path is to reverse the economic and human rights disparities of Danu, which has been carried out by the Army that is in their Prime. To act as the Pillars until one becomes one. As I am being protected, to one day protect others. To allow everyone to have a chance to for greatness.

Yet so many questions unanswered…

Farmer: Who was that redheaded girl?
How was it that the God of War and the Blind Queen were once sisters?
What was the state of Danu before the rise of those in their Prime?
Was "The Right Arm" once a servant of the Blind Queen?
And how could two Pillars carry such a heavy burden to support the weak?

The Father of StoneVale: Oh they are more Pillars, young Farmer. Remind me later on to introduce you to the Third Pillar. She is a beast, and well. Lol…ugh well.

Farmer: Hmm?

The Father of StoneVale: Well ....we will need to get you to the Third Pillar quickly. I am sure she can help you with your dilemma.

[b]Farmer[/b]: What dilemma

The Father of StoneVale looks at The Right Arm, to which both break out in laughter..

The Right Arm: Sorry to let you know…but have you seen yourself? Your coat, what are those smugglers…from all you have been through today that coat is cut and slashed to shreds; your frozen armor underneath is visible. Meaning..

The Father of StoneVale: Time for knew clothes. Lol.

The Farmer looks down…to see that his trench coat has been shredded, completely un-wearable, belt cut from its hinges.

Farmer: Indeed, yet I thank you two for helping me finish training. Onward, 15 more levels to go…and

The Right Arm: A visit with the Third Pillar, aye

Farmer: Aye
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

That fact that many a tale is enhanced or made more compelling by the simple inclusion of a villain, is one which is not entirely lost on me. In some cases it might even be considered a necessary invention and/or vital inclusion.
I also appreciate that to make the storytelling device a more effective one, then it can be quite beneficial to create or select a formidable adversary, and so as to portray the hero in the mould of the underdog.
To this end, Prime is certainly as good a choice as any for the archetypal foe, and I dare say shall serve your purposes well in this respect.
The problem is, as much as you have endeavoured to characterise Prime and it's members as the purveyors of all things evil, and set yourself up as the hero of the piece, not everyone is going to conform in-game to the roles that you have assigned for them.
For my part, I have people in most clans that I am partial to, and would class as friend. I do not take to judge a person simply by the name above their head, anymore than I would mark a person by the colour of their skin or religious affiliations. 
If anything it might be the measure of an individual should be deemed according to their own words and deeds, but even if someone is found wanting in accordance with my own set of principles, I do not always presume to be their better. There can be many personal reasons for why a person acts the way they do, and it is all too easy to label such causes simply as greed (although the latter is sometimes a factor, I'll grant you).
Is every occurrence of misbehaviour excusable? Of course it isn't. But the point is without walking a mile in another's shoes, I would not be fast to send a rock their way.
There is no clan I know of that can lay claim to never having harboured, for a time at least, the odd rascal and rapscallion. Quite simply there is good and bad to be found everywhere if you look hard enough for it. It is just a case of what you choose look for.
I firmly believe the first step on any journey, for wisdom or otherwise, begins within one's own self, and sometimes the failings a person sees around them are little more than manifestations of that which resides within.
To know the world you must first come to know yourself.
The reason I turn to this point is that the manner in which you appear to view yourself, seems fraught with contradictions.
As to the name you have elected for yourself, you give but two clues and their reasonings.
The first if memory serves, is derived from an italian word meaning kiss (which I assume stems from the latin root basium and via the French baisons) and is supposed to symbolise a romantic nature. The second clue, is a connection to a form of drainage system when the name is pronounced in a certain manner (and which I'd guess is the term basin). This is supposed to represent the humble and self-deprecating facet of your personality.
To the first I would say that a roaming or fickle eye is not necessarily evidence of a romantic soul, and furthermore to advertise such a disposition and thus seek adoration perhaps runs against the grain of humility.
This brings us to the second aspect of the name. Certainly there are examples to be found in the journal, where you are disparaging towards yourself or your actions, and it is certainly an admirable quality. That said, for every negative you put forth there are an equal number of instances where you speak to your own greatness, whether it be a purported (and almost unparalleled) purity, or alluding to some pre-destined prophesy in which you are heralded as Danu's great liberator and champion. Again, not really in keeping with a humble spirit.
There are also instances in which it is clear you have a strong desire to attain the rank of general, to which I would ask you whether the hero you envisaged when you started your journal was the sort that craved authority and power, or whether you imagined them more a reluctant leader who would have greatness thrust upon them?
This is in no way intended as an attack. On the contrary, (contemporary references aside) I've enjoyed the journal a lot and long may it continue. Your journey has been an interesting one thus far, I'm just caused to wonder whether you've strayed somewhat from your intended path.
I do not think the contradictions are symptoms of an attempt to intentionally misrepresent yourself, but rather that it is you that misleads you.
Well intentioned you may be, but as has been said many times in many ways, an ill path if often paved with good intent.
Instead of seeking greatness, perhaps a more worthy pursuit for a hero is to seek illumination, and you may even find that that latter gives birth to the former, where the former births only hypocrisy.
Look first to your own heart or you may find the enemy you ultimately contest is but yourself.

All the best,


Re: The Farmer's Journal

wow your really talented righter I enjoy this alot
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Re: The Farmer's Journal

Hyla wrote:It's really interesting to see people you know in game represented from another's point of view. I be waiting for the next installment with bated breath :D

Its almost like we have already done some of this story line already!
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