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Formerly Request Reinstatement of Dogma

As a long good standing paying customer (one of many) of Celtic Heroes, I formally request the reinstatement of such player named Dogma Level 165 Mage on server : Danu.

Dogma may not be the best acting member of Prime or the best leader we have but he is one with out a dough one of the ones who work for our group, he is known though out the game and through out the history of Celtic Heroes, what ever he has done to be placed in such a disposition must be worked out in another way, banning him from the game is hurting more than his gaming experiences.
We need him back for support in game for leadership needs as well as moral needs on all levels.
As a continuous growing successful company that made Celtic Heroes it would be more beneficial to all party's to at least reconsider the banning of such a player.

(To all readers and friends & Members)
I ask only one thing, post your support to help OTM see the need to reconsider this act that is now sitting on Dogma's account.

This is a reasonable request, if its met with a unreasonably banning of my own account rest assure I will be looking for legal representation seeking over $600 in returns that I have paid for in this application.
There is no flaming or shaming in this topic, nor any foul language used, nor any rule breaking of what is already posted in form rules, I am asking for the owners to reconsider a player that is needed and wanted back in the game that we all enjoy so much.
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Re: Formerly Request Reinstatement of Dogma

Agreed. Dogma is an incredible asset to the community. There is absolutely no reason as to why Dogma would deserve such a ban. Please re-evaluate whatever may have caused this.
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Re: Formerly Request Reinstatement of Dogma

I really dont know why OTM banned him he's nice most of the time and helps his friends NO reason to this ban he never scammed or bought or sold any accounts so whats the reason??

Re: Formerly Request Reinstatement of Dogma

He got banned because he spoke up about the classes being unbalanced in beta...
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Re: Formerly Request Reinstatement of Dogma

If he was banned for speaking up about what happened in beta (i dont know if its true) then he broke the NDA all testers had to agree to and in doing so forfeited his right to play the game. Again i dont know if he did get banne for that reason but if he did it was because he broke a contract agreement
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