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Selling platinum items 150 gold/ and buying stuff

As the title says im selling plat items. But this time only 150g per plat. (Cause im not generous the 8 plat for 10 idols will still cost the same as 10 plat)
So if you want to order some stuff post your order here along with the cost. As a promotion im adding 1 mystery chest for every 20k you spend. I will be getting 5600 platinum so dont feel the need to hold back.
Also items im looking to buy:
-Heroic rejuv ammy 180k
-Hero haste boots 120k
-Cruel knife 10k
-2 +7 pierce,slash,crush or poison bracelets 40k each
-Full pirate outfit (red or green) 10k (yes im to lazy to get it myself!)
-Golden bodkin of spirits 150k
-Golden blade of fire 200k, magic 210k, ice 220k (only buying one)
-Golden shrink charm 30k
-All of those awesome new rogue tomes (leave me price to work with along with description of skill)
I will post anything else i need when i think of it.
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