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Re: DeathDruid quit

DD, you are one of the best primes I've known so far and it's sad to hear that you're leaving. I thank you for helping me with Wrolf (defector, I was lvl 38 back then I think), he took me ages.

You do need to realize that apart from selfish ppl, there are a lot more that aren't.

Well, it's always nice to have a little break (like d0nk for ex.) but saying that you quit is a little too extreme.

Besides, Prime would need you for the update contents :lol: .

So hang in there a little before you decide :) .

Re: DeathDruid quit

I heard rumours i will Return, well i returned to Check if Update is worth to Play again...

Today i emptied my bags and made a few Gifts to Friends. Now the only Way to reach me is over Forums or kik. I deleted my app and i am done with CH.

Cu all, and thx for the Great Times while Clan defiant Rocks this Server :)
-Username: DeathDruid
-Retired Druid
-Druid on the server Danu

-Username: Similius
-Retired Rogue
-First lvl 60 on Server Danu

Re: DeathDruid quit

Sorry to hear u have left, but i totally understand your frustration. Good luck with your new family member and with life in general. Nice playing with u.
Smeagle 223 ranger
Gollums. 220 druid
Bluepapa 220 rogue
Elianx 220 mage
redpapa 220 warrior
foehammer 220 lure mage
bestofluck190 180 camper
Pround general of ASCENSION slayers of BloodThorn and only real endgame clan in danu.

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