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My reputation is ruined.

First of all I don't see how my rep would be ruined by arguing with my clan and leavin them, but turned out to be worst. Ok here's the story, it's a stupid reason to fight but just listen lol, I was training then there came a snowcloud wisp, I tried to kill it which I did and guess what? It dropped a saphire and I told the clan my self about it! And skyler told me I'm just lying and that's impossible. We argued about it for a while lol and then he said I'll ask the smartest person in clan about it (dorn) and he said no as well, so skyler called me a STUPID IDIOT and told me to stop lying. I got pissed and I asked am I the most stupid person in this clan? And he said YES. I got real mad didn't know he would say that :( so then I a general of blackrose demoted my self and skyler was luckily enough I didn't think about kicking everyone out of the clan first. So as I'm clanless, I go to the castle and shout about blackrose and how they suck and for some reason roguegods who isn't even in blackrose budged in and start cursing me calling me all the bad things u could think of and some reason beattz budged in as well calling me a *** and blah blah blah! And I said a really good comeback that got myself blocked lol
And now I'm trying to look for a new clan to join as I tryed final boss which rogue gods was in it and he left cause I joined and now shahil probably hates me for it. As I feel like most hated in danu now I wanted to quit, but instead I thought about making a new character with a new and good reputation the name is zerr and I thought joining omegatriad is the solution of it all cause they are a nice and very helpful clan and omegafalcon helped me with the main quest. A few minutes later some how one of the generals heard that I prevouisly scammed something from someone and probably it came from skyler taking revenge of what I've done, so now they kicked me out of omegatriad :( worst feeling ever. And I thought about joining nitro which I did cause the chieftain is a really good friend of mine and I told her its me virus and told her the story and she believed me I didn't scam, later as well a clan member patti called us for tempest which we came and i joined group and I saw they were grouped with shiekhspear and shahilkumar and I heard them talking about me scamming now thheyre spreading out fake rumors that I'm a scammer! :( so for now on I'm gonna try to ignore all the bad things people will say to me and just stay cool and chillax it's gonna be a hard thing to do, to the ones who don't believe me and will trash talk me in the future, sorry to you guys, no matter how much you kill me or trash talk me I'm not gonna fight back and I'll just say ok.

Nice talking with you guys :(

Re: My reputation is ruined.

welcome to danu kid.

thats how this world is but just be above it to manty ppl say to much unfathomable dont be botherd by it ;)
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Re: My reputation is ruined.

Lol when i said yes u were stupest person i was joking i was joking up until the point u started saying blackrose scams and crap because u were mad at me and taking out on clan and way u were talking about friar then i wasnt joking anymore

Re: My reputation is ruined.

And virus i didnt tell anyone u that u scammed someone or really even know if u did and only person i mentioned all this to was friar and idk what u were talking about backstabbing thing and we were never really friends?.... But i dont hate u and i wanna still be friends.... If it makes u feel any better i finally got scammed today so u have something to laugh at me about or something, anyways just wanna know how to fix my mistake i was in bad mood yesterday because of real life and kinda took it out on u

Re: My reputation is ruined.

Anyways if u dont wanna be friends again i understand and just adds one more of many reasons why i wanna quit game :( been thinking it over for about 2-3 weeks and almost quit today

Re: My reputation is ruined.

Alot of hate goes to you sky from alot of different people including me. I told you to stop about 7 times to stop attacking me in arena when i was trying to kill ragnor and you wouldn't. And imo im with the op on this one, sorry sky but you need to fix up your act before everyone in danu doesnt like you anymore and your the person whos clanless


Re: My reputation is ruined.

Virus i said i dont no. Should of spelled know. I've never gotten drops of jems from snow cloud wisp. Plain n simple. I've never said anything bad about u & have nothing bad to say about u. Ur a good person in my book. Whatever the prob was sorry if u & i had a misunderstanding. I've never called u a scammer n dont believe u r. So u can still text me . Hope we can still be friends. :)

Re: My reputation is ruined.

Woox i really dont care about being clanless besides im clanless on alts so it wouldnt affect me much and even if some how friar did kick me i still have really good friends (omega, ninja,finalboss,divineorder etc...)and woox in arena i was hand to hand training crammok then u killed me for no reason and expect me not to fight back?

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