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Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

Donko, even though we played at different times mostly, I just wanna say thanks for being an extremely trustworthy,level headed, and informative adversary and later clanmate. CH was lucky to have you! May you and your family be blessed in all real life ventures. Take care bud.

P.S just between us Primers, you can tell us the truth. The wife finally got you to grow up didn't she. :D
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Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

Hi D0nk, it's has been a great time, including that short training session with your d6nk6 was cool. Damn with you gone that's -1 epic mage (and your other toons of course) on danu!

Well, hope you can get back online after you've sort out your stuff.

I loved all primes (though I'm in unbreak) and just hope that one ***ing day both of them could just get along.

(BTW coza I'm not mad at you for you killing me in arena anymore. But if you really had to kill ppl in arena kill someone your own lvl range, you won't get xp from me.)

Well, good luck and hopefully I'll see you in a while!

Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

sad to see another guy from the old squad leavin.

ur reason is fully understandable, but maybe if u just play at 50% over the whole time, not with 3 or more devices and only one toon u will still be playin.

but its ur joice, and danu will miss u!

allways enjoyed chats and play with u, even if ur on the enemy side in chosens, or in the same clan.

wish u best luck in your further life, hope all went the way u want it, u deserve it!

Take care and maybe u will get back in a while, just for a few hours a month, to chat with your old friends and maybe kill some mobs :)
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Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

I still do promise to reply to everyone's messages and posts, it will probably be over the weekend, but just to let you know I've read them alltwice so far and iI thank you for your kind words.

You are all making it so hard to leave, and I thank you for that.

As I told Guffy,


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