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It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

My time has come to an end.

Some of you know me, some of you don't.
Basically I have been playing since Christmas 2011 and played pretty hard.
I've made a lot of decent friends, but also made a few enemies (who doesnt) I've even made friends with enemies :-)

Since I finally got out of my first noob clans and into chosenones at the start of 2012 I have never looked back.
I got married in march 2012 and took a month off on honeymoon, during which time me clan decided I deserved a full meteoric upgrade as a wedding present (how shocked was I to log on, looking at myself thinking wtf!)
That was truly the start of an epic journey I have had.
Between us and defiant, we dominated the server, taking every boss and every fight before realising that our time was best spent as one super clan, ready for the update and the new Otherworld.

When the otherworld hit us, we were and still are the only clan that can take any bosses with ease, aggy takes less than 10 minutes nowadays.

I've made untold friends and seen a lot leave to concentrate on their careers and family, well now it's my turn.

And for this I am truly sorry, I still love playing the game, I love the chats, the fights, the grinds, everything.
However i am going through some big changes in my life.

A lot of you know that I only really do things "big" in game and in life, whether it's spamming pots in the good old days due to a lack of Druids, or just going mental buying 3 ipads to triple log to steal a boss.

So I have decided to spend my time more wisely.

I will be following through on my scuba diving, getting my master diver qualification.
I will be continuing my rock climbing, now that it has finally turned spring in the UK.
I will be taking way more epic holidays to the far ends of the earth.
And I will be working a lot harder by taking over the family company.
And obviously I will be dedicating more time to my family. :-)

I know there are a few people that are not one bit happy with me leaving, but you will find a new noob to look up to.

Now for the hard one, people who I am going to truly miss:

Cozakiller: for the daily chats, the grinding sessions, but everything, you are going to be set up to hit 180 no problem.
Guffy: for going from rivals to good friends, you might get a darkflame set back, but it's undecided as of now.
Cheech: for just being an epic boss and for being an ear to listen to.
Jojo: for being so dedicated lately, keep it up.
Primes: for doing what you do and kicking arse, stay number 1.

As I said, my journey has been epic and hard fought, I have accomplished much and collected so much, as of now iI have not decided what to do with my gear other than a few things that have already gone to coza, time will tell and we shall see what I decide.

Big love to you all and keep doing what you have always done, play hard and fight hard.

I will make my last appearance at an aggy fight, then be gone for good.

Good luck my friends, I will miss you all.

D0nk0 Lvl143 warrior
D1nk1 lvl90 druid (retired)
D2nk2 lvl70 ranger (retired)
D3nk3 lvl128 druid (dual log)
D4nk4 Lvl142 ranger (tri log)
D6nk6 lvl80 mage (retired)

General of PRIME
Proud owner of 2 full darkflame sets

D5nk5 lvl85 rogue (arawn)

Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

I don't know where to start but all i can say is ty for all the wonderful times like our daily chats or our awesome grinding sessions that we had and hope all goes well with your family company and your scuba diving and your rock climbing already i know that Danu and Mostly Prime is already missing a piece take care in life Donko hope you had fun :)

Regards Cozakiller

Danu:Cozakiller lvl 135 warrior,HealingHand lvl 84 druid,Inferno Wizard lvl 64
Arawn: SwiftDeath lvl 101 ranger

Proud clansmen of Prime :D

Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

Well its funny u should say this donk...from old man an to older man :?

Cause we had a good laugh on the electricity bills the other week :)

I believe the multiple device multiple toon gameplay in CH probably is silent killer of retirement of nice players

(this culture has gotta stop) unless this is the end result....BURN OUT...IM TIRED OF IT....TO MUCH TIME DEDICATED as soon as u think that its downhill from there

Thats why i try and only resort to 1 device 1 toon.....thats how this mobile game should be played ( maybe the fun element can come back slowly )

Thats what i discovered after numerous weeks off here and there away from the game overtime ( around normal life and work and family etc etc )

U suddenly realise....DAMN !! there is a way i can still play....
and get back the enjoyment when i first started PLAYING THAT 1 TOON GAME !!

Enjoy the time away donk...respect :)

Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

Wow Donk,
I completely understand your reasoning for leaving as family is of utmost importance in life.
Also delving into 'adult' endeavors is also much funnier with a partner beside you! I wish you well
My friend I got to know you better on forums then in game (strange eh?) but your a kool dude and
Will be most certainly missed.
Jus as Guff said please KIT via kik or groupme even tho it doesnt hafta be CH related Good Luck Donk!

Raginkat ~ Warrior 143
Chyntoo ~ Rogue 98
HolyzLoot ~ Mage ( bank )

Proud to say I play on the best damn server in all the worlds 'Danu' in the best damn clan Prime!
2nd place is just a 1st place Lo$er!

Re: It'sbeen aabsolutely epic, but...........

It's never nice to see any player leave the game but all the things you've mentioned you'd like to catch up on is far better then any video game will be able to aid you.
I don't talk enough in game to of gotten to know you really well but none the less I can tell you're a great man.
Make your family IRL proud as I'm sure its safe to say you've made us all in Prime proud as well.

This is what happens when you challenge the better clan on sever.
Your ass shoots flames, literally your ass will shoot flames.

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