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My Dear Danuians

I haven't seen a lot of you in a while! I still keep tabs on some of you (few friends in Prime) but I do miss seeing all you guys. It's so great to log in and see so many familiar faces, but there's still a lot of people I wish I had the time to meet. So I'm basically in a stage of life that's very time consuming, but I definitely still enjoy hanging out in Danu when possible. Keep it real Prime :) you guys have taken great initiative in keeping Danu alive in what it stands for, ever since Defiant and ChosenOnes merged.

There are also many smaller clans that are growing in size - don't underestimate yourselves! Honesty and reliability is something I found to be so unique to Celtic Heroes, especially Danu. It's awesome to see these fundamentals at play in people and clans when I'm on Danu - this is the way Danu has always been and I hope it's something that never changes.

You Danuians have something special. Keep it up guys, I miss all of you and hope to spend more time talking when possible.
Just a hello to all my friends and clan-mates, don't lose your virtues and keep that strong clan vibe and reliability. I hope to see you all more often! God bless you guys.


Re: My Dear Danuians

Haha Z u have always been the best back when I was lvl 1 now or should I say was 108 :/ but I missed everyone after I moved to mabon then arawn hope to meet up with u again
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Re: My Dear Danuians

You know it Z. sure to come online time to time im always in for a chat and its always good to talk to a familiar face. anyways take care and watch your self and i hope to ttys :)
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Re: My Dear Danuians

Awh i do want ya back Z its fun chatting to ya and all that hope you can visit in game it would be good to catch up :)

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Re: My Dear Danuians

hi Z, u need to do some days of powerleveling, i pass u again ;)

come back soon and have fun with some of us.
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Re: My Dear Danuians

Hey Z it was good times talking to you, even while we were in rival clans (chosen/defiant)
I'm 1/2 retired myself and have been for a while.
Looking forward to your return at some point.

jAcob123345 wrote:Dont give prime that much credit for keeping danu alive

Why don't you stop hijacking threads and shut up you noob!
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