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Re: Best class and why

Cheapest to run has got to be rangers
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Re: Best class and why

Druids cuz we can do anything with our build.
We can be tank,dps,all heals, and support
Tank-bout 200 vit then all focus. Skillz- abundance abundant aura shiled of bark howling wind and natures embrace with some nat touch
Dps lvling build- 200 vit rest focus. Skillz- lightning strike, the other lighning skill(lol cant remember) vines, and split rest between nat touch and embrace
All Heals- 50 Vit rest vit. Skillz- nat touch,embrace, the grp heal( again cant remember ) and another skill of choice prbly abundant aura
Support- 100-150 vit rest focus. Skillz- nat touch, embrace, lightning strike, nad another skill of choice prefferably grp heal just in case
This is all just imo im sure it all depends on how u like to play
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Re: Best class and why

i think each class has its pros and cons.

i really like my druid, even if its hard to level him. rogues, rangers could level much quicker.

If u get to the higher lvl mobs, and need to group up, u will find out that all classes are needed. the main thing is, that the guy who play a class, should know how to!

some warriors try to tank in a dps build, or cant hold aggro couse they didnt taunt... so its important that u know to play ur class, and use all skills that needed!
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